How to Recover Permanently Deleted Files in Windows 10/8/7

If you deleted the files from your system. If you are worried about that deleted files. Because these files are important. Then no need to have worry. Because there is a solution by the We are providing a guide to recover deleted files from windows 10. After implementing this process you can recover deleted files that are even deleted permanently. 

Causes of Files or Folders Permanent Deletion

Normally it happens when we did not create a backup of our files. Therefore we get lost our important files and folders. Some times it happens mistakenly, that we delete our data or we can say that we delete our data suddenly. On the other hand, some times children do delete our important data permanently.

Method 1. Restore from Previous Versions(recover deleted files)

There is the best way to recover your permanently deleted data very quickly. If these files and folders are deleted even a year ago. You still can recover your data easily. If you have set up back or targeted files and folder. If you created an automatic data backup system. Even a local drive which is sated which is in your system. When you delete files or folders from your windows 10/8, by using “ctrl + delete”. You still can recover your data from the older version. The older version will help you to recover your data easily and authenticly. The full procedure is completely free. Even no need to download and install any software in your windows. Just follow these steps to recover deleted files.

For Windows 10/8 users:

Step 1. 
  • First of all, open your “File History”
  • Now search where the deleted file was located
  • Then wait for few seconds
  • Now the system will show you all the deleted files and folder which were located over there.
Step 2.
  • If you found your permanently deleted data location 
  • Then click on the Previous button to locate and select the file you want to recover.
  • Then click the green “Restore” button after this, your data will recover in a few minutes.
Step 3. 
  • Incase computer did not create the folder or say that it already exists.
  • Then create another with a different location with a different name.

For Windows 7 and older OS users (recover deleted files)

This method rarely works to restore permanently deleted files or folders from its previous version in Windows 7 or even older Windows OS.

Step 1. 
  • Create a new file or folder on the desktop to recover your data in windows 7
  • Now name it as the same as the deleted file or folder.
Step 2. 
  • Now do Right-click the new file or folder
  • Now choose “Restore previous versions”.
  • After this Windows will search for
  • Then it will do list the previous versions of files or folders with this name along with their associated dates.
Step 3.
  •  In this step, you have to choose the latest version.
  • To get your deleted file or folder back click “Restore”. 
  • After this, you will get your permanently deleted files from windows 7

Method 2. Retrieve from Windows Backup

There is another way to recover your permanently deleted data. Basically, in professional work, most people create a backup of every important data in the system. They have another way to create the back of important data, they create a backup in the external drive. This backup is very helpful in case any data will delete permanently. If you don’t have these backups still there is a chance to recover your data. We can recover your permanently deleted data. By using the windows back. Now windows have the ability to data backup of the drive’s data in the system. If you want to recover your data from windows backup then follow these steps.

Step 1. 
  • First of all, Open up the “Control Panel”,
  • And go to “System and Maintenance” in the control panel.
  • Select “Backup and Restore (Windows 7)”. 
Step 2. 
  • When a box appears on the screen
  • You have to follow this instruction
  • Now click “Restore my files”.
Step 3. 
  • Now you have to Click on the “Browse for files” or “Browse for folders” to select the previously created backup.
Step 4. 
  • Now Navigate a location to save the backup –
  • In the original location
  • or In the following location.
  • If there’s a conflict, choose Copy and Replace.
  • Don’t copy or Copy
  • but save these files according to your needs, it’s up to you.
Step 5. 
  • Now, wait till then the process of recovery will complete.
  • After this your PC will show you, yours permanently deleted files and folders on your system’s screen on the same or different location. 
recover deleted files from windows 10

Method 3. Using Recovery Tool Recover your Permanently Deleted data 

In this method, we are telling you about how to recover the permanently deleted data using a recovery tool. This also the best way which is very authentic and efficient. You can easily recover your data using this. If you did not make backup or if you don’t have any other way to recover your data. This method will help you to recover your data easily. The recovery tool is “EaseUS Data Recovery Wizard”. This is the best tool to recover your permanently deleted data. It is very easy to use, and it is also very user-friendly. You just have to follow the instructions which are given below to recover your data. Because this is a professional recovery tool.Most of the international companies using these tools to recover their data in case of loss. Therefore we are preferring this tool for recovery.

Step 1. 
  • In the first step, you have to start the tool
  • Open up EaseUS Data Recovery Wizard.
  • Select the location where your permanent files were located or choose it for where it will recover.
  • Now you have to click “Scan” to find lost files.
recover deleted files from windows 10
Step 2.
  •  The tool will automatically start the scanning of permanently deleted data.
  • After sometimes your deleted data will appear on your system’s screen,
recover deleted files from windows 10
Step 3.
  • Now you have to check all the files which are recover and choose just those files which you want to recover.
  • After this click on the “recover” button
  • It will restore your deleted data on your selected location.
recover deleted files from windows 10

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