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Realme 5, Analysis and Opinion

Some Good Additions

  • “Infinite” autonomy
  • Fast fingerprint reader and facial recognition
  • Enough performance for the day today
  • Very versatile camera

Some Bad

  • Loading too slow
  • Screen without HDR or HBM
  • Micro-USB port
  • No NFC connection

Realme is the advanced mobile with new technology that promises of perfect use and comfortable with a simple design and a meager price. Realme promises to challenge everyone with their mobiles as the realme 5, protagonist of this analysis, will he get it? Let’s

Realme has arrived with force in the Spanish market. This new brand, belonging to the BBK Electronics group as well as OPPO, has a clear commercial strategy. They know that most consumers opt for a mobile that costs less than 300 or 400 euros. And is in those first ranges where they are focusing.

To conquer new markets, realme mobiles offer the most competitive mid-range smartphones. Realme 5 is an example of this, with characteristics of the mid-high range. And a price closer to the entry range, economical but powerful.
Photographic equipment and their autonomy are the first things that attract your attention. But will it have everything necessary to make its price worthwhile compared to the rest of the market models?

In this analysis, we will test each of its specifications to know if the brand and its terminals are worthy rivals of the rest of current mid-range mobiles.

Summary of the analysis of Realme 5

Simplicity with a touch of bright gem Display: Full HD + screen, functional but fair brightness Performance: Snapdragon 665, enough for day to day Software: ColorOS 6 realme: a very complete layer Camera: five cameras for all types of situations Autonomy: 5,000 mAh to take to download and charge forever Connectivity and sound: micro-USB and without NFC, back to the past Conclusion: good mobile, but with important faSimplicityicity with a touch of bright gem The Realme 5 is a mobile of simple proportions, neither too tall nor too wide and with a comfortable weight. A model without stridency, but with a detail that makes it stand out. Like its older brother, the Realme 5 Pro, this terminal uses a peculiar diamond effect, different from the gradients that already populate most of the market.

The shades of bluish-green change according to the light reflecting in certain moments silicon the rainbow and showing the original drawing of the diamonds. In the photographs we have taken, blue has predominated. But depending on the ambient light, a color between turquoise and emerald can be perceived.

In that same plastic, housing are the four rear cameras in an upright position in one of the upper corners leaving in the center space for the fingerprint reader, which we will talk about later.

The cameras protrude enough from the surface, causing dirt to accumulate on that edge, and the phone wobbles on the table, being the ones that first receive the blow. To protect them, the brand includes in the box, next to the charger, a silicone case. The whole design not hidden. But it is not the best of the circumstances. Although, for the sake of the cameras and the screen, the complement appreciated.

Dust and fingerprints adhere to the mobile very quickly, even the case keeps track of where we have put our fingers, but this is very common in most mobile phones.

On the curved sides, we have the power button on one side and the buttons to increase and decrease the volume on the other. Against this aspect, there is no consensus. Some prefer that all buttons be on the same side, and who claim that they are on opposite sides. It is easier to use the mobile with one hand to, for example, make a screenshot by pressing the Power button and volume down at the same time.

Finally, on the front, the protagonist is the screen, occupying 89% of the exterior with decorative edges and a very comfortable drop-shaped notch. Let’s see below what this panel offers us. Full HD + screen, functional but fair brightness We now talk about one of the essential elements of any mobile, the screen. The Realme 5 has a 6.5-inch diameter panel, which occupies 89% of the front. Surrounded by tight frames, it occupies almost the entire front, as we have said before, thanks to the drop or grape shaped notch.
It is a FullHD + panel (1,600 x 720 pixels) with a maximum brightness of 450 nits. It is a good screen; of course, in the market, we find other types better than an IPS LCD; for the price of this terminal, we can not complain, and we do not need more quality to give it full use.

Of course, it does not have HDR support or a high brightness mode for outdoors, something that would have been a point in its favor.

realme mobiles

The screen has the right level of brightness indoors. However, outdoors when there is more ambient light, there may be some loose brightness, and it does reading and viewing the images difficult. The photographs we have taken to realme show that low level of intensity. However, in all other situations, the screen looks perfect.

Also, we have detected that the unit we have tested, with the current ColorOS 6 software also does not offer a high brightness mode when direct sunlight falls, with those less than 500 lux being the maximum brightness it provides.

We can also be somewhat suspicious of the automatic brightness, this system is fast. But it adjusts the screen to a slightly high level, so from time to time. It is necessary to change it manually. But this, since it is a very subjective issue, does not worry us in excess.

The screen is well calibrated as standard with neutral color temperature. Still, in any case, it offers us the possibility to adjust the levels to our brightness. Which is to be appreciated.

To summarize a bit, we have a good screen of an excellent mid-range mobile. And that fulfills its function, although it can always be improved. It will not be the most prominent feature of this realme 5. But it does not take away from this new proposal of the Chinese brand.

Snapdragon 665, enough for the day today

I have chosen the Snapdragon 665 to equip the heart of this terminal. That is the evolution of Snapdragon 660, one of the leading processors of 2018 for mid-range phones. The jump from 660 to 665 implies a smaller manufacturing process, going from 14nm to 11nm in the new one.

In general, there are no significant changes in the configuration of the CPU or GPU or frequencies. The primary difference is in the impact on consumption, much lower under this new SoC model. The realme 5 reaches the market with 4GB of RAM and 128GB of internal storage. A right combination that allows you to store a large amount of data on your mobile. But if we still need more space, it is also possible to increase it to 256 GB with a microSD card.

realme mobiles

This equipment offers a good fluidity of the terminal, typical of the mid-range in which the mobile located. Before entering fully into the experience that this mobile has provided us. We show you the results that you have obtained in the different performance tests to which we have submitted.

The results of these benchmarks are quite common and appropriate for a mid-range mobile. And that is perceived when using it. As we said, the fluency is excellent, perfect for consulting social networks. Surfing the internet, and watching some sporadic video, a single-use on a mobile. Its 4GB of RAM is more than enough to not need to close any application and switch from one to another. Such as Twitter, WhatsApp, and Chrome without noticing the change.

During all the time we have used it, it has not given us any problems. Nor have we seen any slowdown or blockage. Regarding the use of other more demanding applications such as video games. We have tried some such as Asphalt and PUBG Mobile, and the experience has been excellent. It is clear that this terminal has not designed for a gaming audience, but during the games. We have not noticed almost slowdown that could affect the game, nor is it overheated.

In short, the Snapdragon 665 gives you the necessary fluidity. Neither more nor less than what we expected when you started using it. In this regard, it does not stand out above the rest of the mid-range terminals. Still, the realme 5’s function of offering the best possible quality and user experience with a more than adjusted price, fulfills it perfectly. ColorOS 6 realme: a complete layer from the performance we jump to another critical factor for the fluidity and use of the phone, its operating system. Realme 5 runs the same personalization layer as Oppo mobiles and Realme 5 Pro, ColorOS 6, based on Android 9 Pie.

realme mobiles

The company has done an excellent job in this aspect. All their phones offer the same system, the same functions. And thus, users find it easier to move from one model to another within the catalog of these brands. If you already had an Oppo or realme phone. You will find yourself at home, and it will not be necessary to learn how to use it from scratch.
Besides, it is a complete layer, with many options, clear and straightforward. It respects the design of Android entirely, giving it a different personality in the icons and functions. Of course, when it comes to personalizing the mobile, frustration can invade us.

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