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The news comes to purchases and payments through WhatsApp

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WhatsApp has declared that it is expanding how to make purchases and payments directly from the app, companies’ functions to offer better customer service, and other news.

WhatsApp is the most frequently used instant messaging platform globally and one of the most popular globally. Last February, Globally reached 2,000 million active users, a figure that has undoubtedly increased a lot since then, although the company owned by Facebook has not updated this information.

Given that WhatsApp is the tool that many people use in a majority way to communicate, it makes sense that companies also take advantage of it as a more direct and personal channel to offer consumers their products and services.

WhatsApp Business, the app focused on companies that the platform launched in 2018. Has been growing and consolidating little by little since its birth. According to the company, more than 175 million people send messages to a WhatsApp Business account every day.

Additionally, their internal studies suggest that consumers prefer to communicate with businesses by message when they need help and are more likely to purchase when they can.

Last year, the platform announced WhatsApp stores’ arrival, which allows you to make purchases without leaving the chat. As one more step to promoting sales of companies with a WhatsApp Business account. Now, the corporation has announced that it is increasing investment in this line, specifically in the following areas:

  • Shopping. The ways to consult the product catalog and make purchases directly from a chat will soon be expanded. So that the entire process can be carried out without leaving the app. Besides, they will simplify the integration of this tool with the solutions that companies already have.
  • Facebook hosting services. WhatsApp Business will offer Facebook hosting services to companies to help SMEs start their business. Sell their products, keep their inventory up-to-date, and provide agile and efficient customer service.
  • Sales of services for companies. For WhatsApp to continue developing its own business and supporting the free use of messages, and voice calls. And video calls, the platform will charge its business customers for some of the services they offer.

In an interview, Matt Idema, WhatsApp’s director of operations, indicated that the purchasing tool will begin to be implemented this year. While the hosting service will be activated in 2021.

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