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PUBG Mobile, from the beginning, was free on automaton in 2018, and over the last two years, the sport has seen several updates and enhancements. However, it still hasn’t reached version one.0. Well, this can include all amendments on September eighth. PUBG Corporation has declared that a slew of enhancements is coming back with the update to version one.0 this September.

It can be, therefore, the game that can provide sander expertise for eSports. You see, PUBG Mobile World League and the World Championship square measure about to be combined this Gregorian calendar month into one event referred to as the PUBG Mobile world Championship (absolutely nothing confusing concerning that) provide a $2-million prize pool.

PUBG Corporation has been kind enough to incorporate a graphic describing some of the expected changes whenever version one.0 lands this September. As you’ll see, the studio is saying higher performance yet has a smaller install size.

Beyond what give within the higher graphic, it might also seem enhancements square measure is coming back to characters and environments, with many realistic effects for shooting within the combine yet. Actions like sprinting, throwing, and jump will be improved too, and the game’s lighting system-associated texture qualities are obtaining an overhaul. It might additionally appear the UI is getting work.

Sadly PUBG Corporation has nothing to point out despite today’s announcement. Instead, it focuses on eSports, which tells that a severe overhaul to PUBG Mobile takes a backseat to announce Season Zero of the PMGC, which will not even begin until Gregorian calendar month. Hell, it’s still unknown if audiences can even be ready to attend any of those planned PMGC events due to COVID. However, cash is to be created once promoting your eSport events; this can be the direction PUBG house headed with the update to v1.0.

While it’s nice to listen to PUBG Mobile running higher in a broader range of devices shortly, hopefully, this target eSports could not play a lot of boring news. Last I looked, the sport still stuffs with cheaters and bots. Whereas I hope the planned enhancements alleviate many of these long-running problems, I always realize it troublesome to urge enthused for a corporate-run eSports event that exists entirely to create extra money for the developer. Perhaps if PUBG Corporation had truly centered on making a high-quality game initially, it would not have required to overhaul of the title to urge it to prepare for competitive play. Simply a plan.

So there you have got it. PUBG Mobile version one.0 should land on September eighth, and PMGC Season Zero can begin in the late Gregorian calendar month. If you want to arrange for the future competition and its $2M prize pool, you’ll grab the newest version of PUBG Mobile through the Play Store contrivance at a very cheap page.

Last month (August 2020), we learned that PUBG Corporation would finally hit the v1.0 milestone for PUBG Mobile. This update would bring massive enhancements to the title, like a brand new uxor, controls, and graphics. Well, the corporate has stayed faithful to its word then the latest update for PUBG Mobile is formally offered.

Starting nowadays, players will visit New Erangel, which offers updates on the level’s sky, land, water, and vegetation. So the map seems to be a lot more realistic. Some buildings are modified yet, together with resource points, that should play new gameplay even though you have memorized it. Some enhancements have additionally returned to Livia. Thus players will expect to search out a brand-new semi-automatic piece. Livia has also rebalanced, and visual enhancements square measure within the combine.

If players value more highly, update the PUBG Mobile to version one.0 between September eight and September thirteen. They will earn 888 BP, 100 AG, and a Red Racecar Knight Backpack. Thus, a minimum of there’s associate incentive to see today’s update is helpful to visualize.

Of course, since v1.0 needs someone.8 GB of space for storage for automation. This can be a big update, suggesting I’ve only touched the surface of the enclosed changes. Thus if you want to see the Play Store changelog, I’ve glued it below. However, that is simply an outline. The complete details may be found on the official PUBG Mobile website, and it’s quite a list.

So there you have got it. PUBG Mobile has finally reached version one.0, and this update is an embarrassment of changes and enhancements. Those who install the update within the next week can earn some rewards. However, the game’s graphics and UI changes square measure the vital draw. Of course, to mention the v1.0 enhancements are a protracted time coming back would be a touch of sarcasm. However, seeing that PUBG house. It has finally polished PUBG Mobile, which appears to be the most effective time to leap. Regardless, cheaters still have difficulty even supposing inroads are created on its front.

As always, you’ll grab the install for PUBG Mobile from the Play Store contrivance below. And for those in the Asian country, you’ll catch the APK right here (the OBB is required. However, if you have put in PUBG Mobile on your device a minimum of once. The OBB files can mechanically download).

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