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Some PS5 games will go on sale before the console

PS5 games list
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PlayStation Europe confirms that the PS5 launch games list, such as Miles Morales or Demon’s Souls, will go on sale on November 12, ahead of the concert.

As you may already know, Sony will be launching the PlayStation 5 in November. But there are two days we have to follow. On the other hand, the console will be released in other countries, such as the United States or Japan, on November 12. So globally, it will be released a week later, on November 19.

That means throughout Europe, we will get a console after a while … but what about PS5 games?

All concert games will go on sale in Europe on November 12. PlayStation Europe has confirmed with us by email. Isn’t it amazing that they went out a week before the concert? Yes, it has its meaning.

Yes, there are several explanations, but the main one is that the console’s launch in some areas is October 12. And the distribution is done simultaneously. Some games will also be released on PS4. For example, two significant stars announced next to the console, Sackboy. A Big Adventure and Marvel’s Spider-Man Miles Morales will also appear in the current generation console.

Indeed, Sackboy recently announced a unique program in a visual format, including plush, and will only be available on PS4.

Meanwhile, the only PS5 specialty hit on November 12 is Demon’s Souls Remake and Destruction All-Stars.

Its launch will be reinforced by a multiplatform PS5 games list such as Assassin’s Creed Valhalla, Call of Duty Black Ops Cold War, or Dirt 5. In addition, other “semi-exclusives,” such as Godfall or The Pathless, will be launched on PC.

Recently, PlayStation has updated the cards of many of them on its website, and they can now be pre-ordered on the PS Store.

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