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The PS5 DualSense battery will be of high capacity

PS5 DualSense battery

The longer battery life of the DualSense of the PS5, compared to the DualShock of the PS4, would have already been confirmed with a series of images that have been seen on social networks.

PS5 has already revealed some of its most important technical specifications, design, and features. However, details, for example, the release date or price of the PS5 DualSense battery, have not been made official, although there have been leaks.

However, many also want to know how long the battery will last for the new console controller, the DualSense. This is one the essential data for gamers because the battery life of the PS4 DualShock 4 is one of the problems that has accompanied the current console.

Although there is no clear data, some new images of the DualSense remote, which have been disseminated on social networks, invite us to be optimistic. One of them shows the battery capacity, and it is confirmed that it far exceeds the previous model.

The image we attach a little below shows that the PS5 DualSense battery is 1560mA. This should generate greater autonomy for the command. As we say, there is no definite time figure, but for comparison, the DualShock 4 has an 800mA or 1000mA battery in its latest models.

A longer duration was something that Sony had already commented on; now, it only remains known how much this battery increase will translate. In addition to this revealing image, the user commented that: The buttons are more comfortable to press than on PS4, and of course, there are no lights on any button.

On the contrary, not long ago, a supposed black DualSense model for PS5 appeared leaked in some images. Furthermore, Sony clarified doubts about the PS5 peripherals compatible with PS4.

A new DualSense model with black color could have leaked. Instead, here are the images of a new controller version that will arrive with PlayStation 5.

Since DualSense was announced as a new controller for PS5, many gamers and fans of the Sony console have wondered if we will see more colors than white presented as the given model. This leak could indicate yes.

This supposed leak has shown the DualSense in black that accompanied the PS5 as an alternative design. However, what has been seen in the images is far from the first model presented and completely reverses all the colors except the buttons, which retain white.

This has raised questions about the nature of the release. For example, could there be interchangeable buttons? Is it just a prototype of something to come later, or is it only a doctored image?

We have attached the images below. What do you think? Nothing has been confirmed yet, so the design should not be taken at face value. Would you like to see the black color in DualSense, or if there were other ranges available?

Together with this, today, we have learned that the command itself will be upgradeable. In addition, DualSense seems that it will also receive updates; on the web, it is mentioned that the remote will have firmware that will be updated.

Sony recently finished clearing up all the doubts about PS5 accessories, if the PS4 controller -DualShock 4- would work with the console, the peripherals that would be compatible with PS5, etc. So today, the brand has updated its website with new details of these accessories and even with 3D models.

First of all, DualSense, it seems that the new controller for PlayStation 5 will also receive updates; on the website, it is thoroughly mentioned that the controller will have firmware that will be updated. “Always update your PS5 system and controller software to the latest version”. Perhaps this is one reason you cannot use the PS4 controller for your PS5 games.

Next, the camera, although it has already been commented that it captures video in Full HD 1080 with dual wide-angle lenses. It seems that it also has background removal tools. You can either replace the background with an image to your liking. Or, on the contrary, eliminate it with a green screen.

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