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The first official PlayStation 5 games: Gran Turismo 7, Horizon Forbidden West, Resident Evil Village

playstation 5 games

The wait has been long, but they are already here. The first official PlayStation 5 games. And they are spectacular. Do you want to meet them? There are just a few months left for the PlayStation 5 to go on sale, but we hardly know anything about it beyond the hardware’s characteristics.

External circumstances such as COVID-19 or the racial protests in the United States have delayed the presentation. Til now, the only thing we knew about was the PS5 gamepad. But we already have the first official PlayStation 5 games, their great asset to prevail over the spectacular Xbox Series X, which a priori will be slightly more powerful. And we also know the final look of the console.

Sony’s strong point has always been its games; today, it has played hard. He opened the presentation with a remaster: GTA V improved and expanded for PlayStation games, without giving more details. The first big news has been Spider-Man by Miles Morales. But the first great exclusive game of the event has been Gran Turismo 7, with a spectacular graphic improvement and the desired Campaign Mode, which was so much missed in previous games.

The return of Ratchet & Clank has also been highly applauded with its new adventure, Rift Apart, which debuts the option to instantly change universes (worlds). A sample of the instantaneous load of assets that PS5 boasts. Destruction AllStars is an arcade racing game where anything goes (including smashing enemies with weapons and punches) to win.
One of the most desired will be Horizon Forbidden West, the continuation of the spectacular Horizon Zero Dawn, with a new continent and new metal beasts to tame and control. Looks fantastic on PS5:

Project Athia is a Square Enix project exclusively for PS5, in what seems like a new medieval IP, with a protagonist with superpowers and supernatural dragons.

Sackboy to Big Adventure marks the return of the cute Sackboy, the protagonist of LittleBigPlanet, in what seems like a narrative adventure without the sandbox mode.

Kena Bridge of Spirits is an adventure that has reminded us of Zelda, but with a female protagonist.

playstation 5 games

Resident Evil Village has been another one of the surprises of the night. New survival horror with entirely new stories and characters. One of the wonders of the event has been the return of Oddworld. The historical PlayStation saga that Oddworld Soulstorm has shown, with very continuous gameplay, powered by the graphics of PS5.

By 2022, Pragmata will be a sci-fi adventure about an astronaut and a girl with superpowers. Plus, the supernatural first-person experience of Ghostwire Tokyo and another narrative adventure, this time sci-fi, Returnal.

Gearbox has introduced Godfall, an action game that has reminded us of Bayonetta. Hitman III, the game in which you play an assassin, will be released in January.

playstation 5 games
Astro’s Playroom looks like a game based on the tremendous success of the virtual reality Astro Bot. But it is not clear if it is only for VR or if it will also be playable on a flat screen.

Demon’s Souls is a famous hash & slash saga that returns in what looks like a reboot of the franchise.
Arkane returns with what he knows best: a first-person narrative action game with many supernatural powers and some surprises. The game is called DeathLoop.
Of course, sports games like NBA 2K21 cannot be missing.

We have also seen some indie games like Goodbye Volcano High, Bugsnax, and Little Devil.

In summary, a great selection of games powered by the obvious graphic leap of the new generation. However, all of them have dedicated themselves to showing us their technical potential without delving into aspects such as gameplay or news concerning previous chapters of the sagas.

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