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Play FIFA 21 now without waiting for the launch to try all its news and game modes

Play FIFA 21

FIFA 21’s “early access” count is nearing completion. If you are wondering how and when to get to the 21st FIFA 21 game you are playing before launch, don’t go on – you have come to the right place.

The acquisition of FIFA 21 started early yesterday, but to achieve it, you will have to meet one requirement: become a member of EA Play and have an active subscription. This service, which will soon be part of Xbox Game Pass, will allow you to enter a game test for 10 hours.

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It may seem small, but that “early access” to FIFA 21 will allow you to try out all the game modes and try controls like a new pull-up system or new festivals. If you are considering playing FIFA 21 before, don’t keep looking, we will tell you here …

As expected, you should only subscribe to EA Play. There are currently two subscription options: monthly payments, 3.99 million euros per month, or once per year (costing 24.99 euros per year). It doesn’t hurt that you can play the final version of FIFA 21 for 10 hours, and everything you do will be saved once you have the entire game (more than 10% savings when you buy FIFA points).

Play FIFA 21

When can I play FIFA 21 first? When does the early start?

FIFA 21 Early Access was now open from 5:00 PM yesterday. As long as you subscribe to EA Play, we insist.

What are some other options to play before FIFA 21 exists?

Except for 10 hours of pre-test FIFA 21 via EA Play, you can start playing three days in advance, on October 6, for any two particular game types, called FIFA 21 Champions Edition (79, 99 Euros ) or FIFA 21 Ultimate Edition (99.99 euros). Everyone posts this

FIFA 21 Champions Edition

  • Access 3 days early
  • Up to 12 different gold packets (1 per week for 12 weeks)
  • A star-studded item on the FUT 5-game cover
  • Local talent in Activity mode: a small local talent with world-class power
  • FUT Ambassador Player Pick – Select 1 of 3 items for FUT 3-player player
  • Special programs for FUT kits and field items.

Ultimate Edition

  • Early access to FIFA 21 three days in advance
  • Up to 24 Unique FUT Gold Packs (1 per 24 weeks)
  • Cover Star Loan Item (For 5 FUT Matches)
  • Local talent in career mode (a powerful local talent for World Class)
  • FUT Ambassador Player Pick (select 1 of 3 player items for 3 FUT games)
  • Special programs for FUT kits and field items

These are all ways to play FIFA 21 before. If you are not considering purchasing any of these two unique versions or reaching for a trial on EA Play (either on PS4, Xbox One, or PC), you will have to wait until October 9, when the game officially begins.

Lastly, keep in mind that the FIFA 21 web application is now available and that we have provided you with our FIFA 21 appearance and its Functional and Kick-Off methods.

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