The New Gmail logo that will look like this

New Gmail logo

Logo courtesy – 9to5google Google advances an essential change in its Gmail mail service logo. This would be more in line with the latest logos that have been released in the rest of its services. Gmail has included many new features in recent months that have made it the most …

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New Google Drive feature will erase data, from October 13

Google Drive feature

Image by – Christoph scholz / Own elaboration Google Drive will release a new feature that will delete data if you have not touched it in 30 days. It is a logical function, but better to be forewarned … Google announced that week a modification of the conditions of the …

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Chromecast vs Android TV, How are they different?

chromecast vs android tv

Image by – If you’re not convinced what the differences are between Chromecast and Android TV, you’ve come to the right place. We will define what each thing is so that it is clear to you, and you have no doubts. Some concepts can confuse users. We can see …

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The Best Browsers for Windows 10 and other ios.

the best browsers for windows 10

Excellent browsers for speed, privacy, and customization Choosing the best browsers for windows 10 and other IOS can profoundly affect how you view the Internet, and if you have been using the new one for several years, you may be shocked at the potential impact. Speed ​​and privacy are two …

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This Scam email from Correos, that empties your checking account

scam email

If you have received this scam email from Correos, delete it: it is a phishing campaign to steal your financial data to empty your current account. Phishing campaigns that impersonate Correos are quite common. Given the rise of e-commerce, which has grown sharper in the new normal, cybercriminals know that …

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YouTube Shorts, YouTube counterattack to TikTok

YouTube Shorts

TikTok has set the trend, with other social networks and entertainment platforms joining the style of standing videos to compete with the Chinese program. YouTube Advertises Shorts. Social networks are updating themselves, exploring new formats to attract users. Great final version with TikTok short and still videos; everyone wants to …

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Top 10 Money Making Apps for Android

Top 10 Money Making Apps

Everyone needs a few extra characters from time to time. However, we are not so foolish as to convince you that you can make a living by living at home. No apps can earn you so much money. However, we know a few that can make you flesh or two …

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Samsung The Sero Review, Analysis, and Opinion

Samsung The Sero

The Best Unique and eye-catching designSound 4.1 – Dolby AtmosWithout HDMI 2.1No need support The Worst Screen qualityHDRAccess to connectorsPrice Heresy for many purists and a format to explore for trend hunters. The vertical video format is here to stay. The Sero is the first television that moves with ease …

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iPhone 12: When will Apple announce its new iPhones?

iPhone 12

Although Apple sent out invites to a Sept. fifteen virtual event, those expecting iPhones will discomfit since next week’s event can concentrate on the new Apple Watch and iPads instead. That being aforesaid, the announcement date for the iPhone 12, 12 Pro, 12 Max, and doable twelve professional GHB remains …

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