Nearby Sharing, Google’s alternative to Apple’s AirDrop, would also come to Windows and Mac

android airdrop

The “Android AirDrop,” known as Nearby Sharing, will not only reach devices with Google’s operating system. But also be compatible with Windows, Mac, and Linux. The long-awaited Nearby Sharing feature with an android airdrop, which will allow us to transfer files between Android devices quickly, not only seems to be …

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Huawei P40 Pro Plus Review, Analysis and opinion

huawei p40

The Best  Photo and video quality Design and materials Autonomy Dimensions The Worst  Front camera size Without Google services No stereo sound Weight We analyze Huawei’s top model, whose main improvements are on the photographic section and design. This is our analysis and opinion of the Huawei P40 Pro +, the phone that reaches the market …

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Samsung Galaxy Tab S6 Lite Review, Analysis and Opinion

samsung galaxy s6 tab

The Best  Design Screen to match performance S-Pen: included and useful  The Worst  Memory speed Camera performance The time it takes to load Without fingerprint reader We have been watching series, playing, and working with the new Samsung tablet for a few weeks, a proposal for the mid-range that wants to take over the educational and …

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IBM abandons all facial recognition projects and calls to rethink its use

software facial recognition

IBM abandons its facial recognition projects after controversy over its use and biases that the technology uses. IBM has announced that it will stop developing and selling facial recognition software from now on. After all the problems detected in the technology, the utility that given. And the current context from …

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iPhone SE (2020) Review Analysis and Opinion

new iphone se 2020

The Best  The small iPhone that many asked for Power of an iPhone 11 People portrait mode From 489 euros  The Worst  Screen only 4.7 “ Design from the past You don’t have Face ID Just a camera Apple has released a new iPhone that starts at 489 euros. It is the iPhone SE (2020), an …

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How to Get Free Commercial PC Games

free commercial pc games

Do you want to get commercial games for PC, completely free? We are not talking about free-to-play or weekend tests on Steam, but complete commercial games for sale that you can get for 0 euros. If you know where to look, they can obtain for free (and legal, of course). …

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Stealing an iPhone in an Apple Store is useless: the anti-theft that blocks it when leaving the store

anti theft system

Some looters have found these days that devices they’ve stolen from Apple stores have been rendered useless upon detecting that they have illegally removed from the store. If anyone can use technology to protect themselves against theft, it is technology companies like Apple. The iPhone maker has designed an anti-theft …

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