Out of Battery: The Worst Charging Mistakes That Are Ruining Your iPhone’s Battery

Technology has enriched our lives with the latest gadgets, and one of the extraordinary series of gadgets is the Apple iPhone. Unfortunately, while its product range is unique (with an upcoming mixed reality device) and teases impressive features, it also makes us highly cautious in handling its products. The complexity of the mechanisms that enable gadgets to work is so delicate and specific that it might make you rethink how you use them. So it’s time for you to think about whether you’re making these iPhone battery charging mistakes that could be slowly poisoning the health of your iPhone battery.

You may not notice, but there are many charging mistakes we make and worse! Unfortunately, some of these mistakes can damage your iPhone, especially in the long run.

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1. Do not use other phone chargers

You lost your iPhone charger while traveling, and now you are scared about buying a new charger from Apple, fearing that it will cost you several rupees. Then you get mouth-watering deals on iPhone accessories, including chargers, and order instantly.

Stay back! You might risk your hard-earned beloved iPhone and your health to save those extra dollars.

Often third-party chargers and their cables are made without safety standards or using cheap materials. As a result, if you charge your iPhone using them, you can suffer serious injuries.

2. Using the iPhone while charging

Do you like to use your iPhone while charging? Stop it immediately!

When you’re charging your iPhone, an electron transmission process takes place on your iPhone. That results in a significant amount of heat being generated. It should remove this heat. But, when you use your iPhone while charging, it causes even more heat. This heat further damages your battery, system, and RAM.

Avoid high-intensity jobs like gaming if you need to use your iPhone while charging.

3. Use the optimized battery charging feature

iPhone batteries are assembled of lithium ions with a chemical fluid to increase battery life and performance. However, the liquid degrades over time, and the battery loses effectiveness. Optimized Battery Charging extends battery life by delaying charging your phone by over 80%. Thus, the battery lasts longer. You can turn on this feature to Settings->Battery->Battery Health->Optimized Battery Charging.

4. Avoid overcharging

Is it wrong to charge your iPhone overnight? Yes, it is. If you are in the habit of charging your iPhone overnight or leaving it plugged in your car or, for that matter, maintaining your iPhone 100% charged, then you need to turn it off immediately.

According to experts, this reduces your battery life. However, experts also say that you should aim for 80 percent, which should be enough to get your iPhone through the day. The Li-ion batteries perform best when charging between 30% and 80% of your iPhone.

And, when you try and exceed 100% in the context of deep-charging your iPhone, the high voltage generated by the electrical current puts a lot of stress on your battery, causing it to die and become very hot.

5. Health Hazards

You might wonder – how could something as harmless as an iPhone charger (especially an iPhone plugged into the charger) be deadly? Let’s break it down into two common scenarios (trust us – after reading this, you won’t)

Never sleep on your charging adapter, wireless charger, or device while charging. Or, place them on your pillow, under the blanket, or on your mantle. One reason is that setting an iPhone emits harmful radiation, and the other can cause a fire.

We are used to charging our iPhones in our kitchen, but are you aware of the side you’re setting on – whether wet or not? Remember, wet, cracked, or broken chargers or cables can cause electric shock, fire, injury, or even damage to your iPhone.

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6. Not replacing the battery

Not replacing your iPhone battery is another thing that can cost you a lot of money. Generally, the iPhone battery lasts for two years. It can complete 300-500 full charge cycles during this period. After that, it’s not that your battery won’t work, but it will only hold 80 percent of its original capacity.

So it is recommended that you throw away those extra few dollars, and instead of buying a new version of the iPhone or replacing the existing battery with a third-party battery, replace it with an Apple-certified battery.

7. Find a safe place

Your brand-new Apple iPhone should be in a convenient place when you are charging it. Also, covering the phone while assessing or placing it on a wet surface can pose serious health risks to you as the phone emits harmful radiation while charging. In addition, several accidents have been reported due to the phone malfunctioning.

Maximum performance

Out of Battery

Here’s a list of what you can do to make your iPhone battery run faster and live longer.

  • Do not expose your smartphone to high temperatures. Anywhere between 16 and 32 degrees is optimal for your iPhone’s battery health.
  • Please get rid of the iPhone case when you are plugging your phone to charge it to prevent the phone from overheating.
  • Do not fully discharge your iPhone battery for an extended period, as it will no longer be able to hold a charge.
  • Similarly, do not fully charge your iPhone, as this will cause the same problem mentioned above.
  • Always go for software updates, as keeping your iPhone up to date improves the health of your iPhone battery.
  • Be aware of auto-brightness and low-power mode optimizations to improve your battery health.
  • Track your battery usage through different apps and control operations to extend battery life.
  • Push notifications for apps that wake up your iPhone’s display with messages. The less the display is activated, the longer and better the iPhone performs.
  • Practice turning on airplane mode when you’re in a low-coverage area to increase battery life.
  • Turn off Wi-Fi when you’re not using it, so it doesn’t consume extra power and compromise your iPhone’s battery health.


We hope that by following and observing the tips mentioned above, you will be able to enjoy your iPhone with maximum safety. If there is any point you think we may have missed and could add more life and security to your iPhone, let us know in the comments section below.

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