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Oppo Find X2 Pro, Analysis and Opinion

Oppo Find X2 Pro

Oppo Find X2 Pro is the top smartphone that the company launched in 2020. It is a mobile with high-end performance, a 10X zoom camera system, a massive 120 Hz AMOLED screen, and a fast-charging system that allows you to have the battery one hundred percent in just over half an hour.

Oppo is a company that covers all segments of the mobile market, and with the Oppo Find X2 Pro, they include the highest, that of the most demanding users. The one with the mobile phone for 1,000 euros, go.

The design of the Oppo Find X2 Pro is exquisite, differential compared to what we have seen in the market, and this, together with vertigo technical specifications, make it a worthy candidate for the best smartphone of 2020. With this premise, this mobile phone reaches our hands. Oppo that we come to test in our analysis thoroughly.

It is clear that on paper, it is a beast and not for less since we speak of mobile of more than 1,000 euros. Now, let’s see if all that glitters is gold.


Octa-core (2.84 GHz, Single Core + 2.42 GHz, Tri core + 1.8 GHz, Quad-core) Snapdragon 865 12 GB RAM


6.7 inches (17.02 cm) 519 PPI, OLED 120 Hz Refresh Rate


48 MP + 12 MP + 13 MP Triple Primary Cameras LED Flash 32 MP Front Camera


4200 mAh VOOC Charging 2.0 USB Type-C port

Oppo Find X2 Pro review summary:

  • Design: worth admiring and much more to touch
  • Screen: 120Hz, HDR, QHD +; one of the best of the moment
  • Performance: Snapdragon 865 and LPDDR5 memory, the king of 2020
  • Software: superfluid Color OS 7.1 on Android 10
  • Camera: highly usable 10x hybrid zoom top multi-camera setup
  • Autonomy: 4,260 mAh, perfect for an intense day, full charge in 33 minutes
  • Connectivity and sound: no minijack but powerful built-in stereo sound
  • Conclusion: it is in the highest range of 2020 and with many unique features

Oppo Find X2, Design worth admiring and much more to touch

We have tested the vegan leather finish that is the model with an orange back, and with that back, that imitates a leather finish with a very nice touch and texture. If we mention the screen size, 6.7 inches diagonal, we can get an idea that we are facing a giant mobile.

Now the use of the frames is such that it does not give the sensation when having it in hand that it exceeds space or is larger or heavier than it should, since with dimensions of 165.2 x 74.4 x 9, 5 mm and a weight of 200 grams is below the average of the most massive mobiles on the market.

Let’s talk about how it is aesthetically: this phone has a unibody frame in bronze and the back in orange that make it stand out compared to other phones on the market.

Oppo Find X2 Pro

Speaking of the bottom, we have the centered USB-C connector, the main speaker, and the microphone under the grill with three slots. And on the other side of the USB-C connector, the nanoSIM double tray, there is no option to expand the internal storage, but with 512 GB of internal memory.

Oppo Find X2 Pro

120 Hz, QHD +, HDR: The best mobile screen of the moment

If there is something that has more weight every day on mobile phones, literally and figuratively, it is the screen. They are devices with which we spend more and more time daily, and they have become one more window to view multimedia content.

Oppo Find X2 Pro

Something that has become fashionable lately is to increase the refresh rate of these panels, which ends up having smoother animation, transitions, and general mobile phone use. The 90 Hz refresh seems to be the frequency chosen by the majority, but Oppo makes the direct jump to no less than 120 Hz, which is double that of traditional models.

Besides, this 120 Hz can offer both FullHD + and QHD + resolution, which Samsung, with its S20 Ultra, only provides in the lowest solution.

The sensation offered by the screen as soon as you start using the mobile is the constant fluidity when navigating between menus; it is something that you can notice with the naked eye, and most users may not know what it is, but they will tell you that it looks better.

If you record a video, the difference is not noticeable since fewer images are captured per second than those shown, but if we log in slow motion and compare, you can see that difference. For each portrait painted at 60 Hz, two images were painted at 120 Hz.

Snapdragon 865 and LPDDR5 memory: the king of 2020

Qualcomm has re-launched a new top-of-the-range SoC, and with it comes something necessary. The integration of the 5G modem in the SoC itself, in addition to traditional improvements in CPU and GPU performance.
With this Snapdragon 865. We see an increase in architecture and performance compared to Snapdragon 855+. They uploaded a version of laps of the Snapdragon 855 that we saw last year.

It is not that there is only improvement compared to models from last year. We are facing the mobile with the fastest SoC of 2020 for the moment. Also, this Snapdragon 865 may accompany by LPDDR4 or LPDD5 memory. In this model, Oppo has opted for the fastest LPDD5- something seen in daily use and benchmarks.

We have the option to configure the screen in FHD + and QHD + in addition to 60 Hz and 120 Hz modes. We have passed the tests in both methods to see how the resolution and refresh rate affect performance. The difference is negligible. We have used the automatic resolution mode and 120 Hz daily, giving extra fluidity.

The Snapdragon 865 runs apps and games at their first FPS rate. So there isn’t much of an impact while using apps if they’re not optimized to run at more images per second than 60fps. The chip offers maximum performance in both FullHD + and QHD + resolution. And the Adreno 650 is one of the most powerful GPUs.

We leave a record of the O1 Vision Engine in the same table since the company offers a dedicated chip in charge of interpolating images into 25/30 / 60fps content to show on the screen at 120 fps with an improvement in color going from SDR to HDR.

Fluency everywhere with Color OS 7.1 on Android 10

As we have already seen in terms of performance, this mobile is a beast. The 12 GB of LPDDR5 RAM and the Snapdragon 865 move anything without shaking. And that is something that can see in the operating system. Oppo has based on Android 10, and its Color OS 7.1 customization layer. And is the version with which the Oppo Find X2 Pro arrives from the factory.

Oppo Find X2 Pro

This layer is not a precisely clean or stock-like layer. Still, over the years, Oppo has managed to cut changes and modifications over the native version of Google and is very adaptable to what that cleaning has been.

The mobile comes standard with a desk system. And on the left is the Smart Assistant that allows us to have direct access to contacts, information, applications, and services that we customize. And you can also disable it if you wish.

During our tests, we received an OTA update. So we see that Oppo takes care of the software development of this terminal that will be the company’s flagship for 2020.

Hybrid 10x zoom and bokeh even on video

On a mobile phone of more than 1,000 euros. It assumed that it would have an outstanding camera pack. And this time, it is clear that it is a very versatile camera pack that fights from you to you with the best on the market.

As for the rear camera configuration, we have a combo of three cameras:

  • 48 Mpx main sensor Sony IMX689 f / 1.7 OIS
  • 48-megapixel f / 2.2 ultra-wide-angle Sony IMX586 sensor
  • Sensor 13 Mpx telephoto 5x optical f / 3.0 (hybrid 10x) OIS

It is a brief update of the configuration we saw in the Oppo Reno 10X Zoom that we liked so much last year. They have greatly improved the wide-angle camera and optimized software processing.

The camera application follows the current design lines with a carousel where we can change modes between Night, Video, Photo, Portrait, and More. In the last option on the right, we have access to more options, such as the Expert adjustment mode manual, Timelapse, or Slow Motion, among others.

Both wide-angle and 1X-zoom photos generate 12-megapixel photos using pixel binning. But you can force the 48-megapixel mode, which we only recommend if there is a lot of light in the scene, and we may need to do an extension afterward.

If we talk about the night photography of Oppo Find X2 pro, it is clear that the primary sensor of 48 Mpx. That is, the 1X zoom is the most capable. In full-angle mode, noise starts to appear. It is behind the night mode of other mobiles that take a photo with high exposure time, but they are not bad results.

Slow-motion video does not have a time window to capture Ultra slow motion. As we have seen in other top mobiles this year, you can record for a long time. The difference is that it records fewer images per second and slows the action less.

The front camera has a resolution of 32 Mpx and f / 2.4 aperture. It is not an autofocus sensor and keeps everything in focus from about a span to infinity. Portrait mode with this camera has slightly worse cropping than the rear camera.

Battery for a day of intense use and a full charge in 32 minutes

If something has surprised us, it is that even with the high brightness offered by the screen. The high-performance SoC and the 120 Hz support, even in content that is not optimized for them. The mobile phone has rendered more than a solvent.

This mobile mounts a joint 4,260 mAh battery using two 2,130 mAh cells. That can be charged in parallel and thus reducing the charging time. To give you an idea, in 12 minutes of charging, you can have 50% of the battery.

But let’s talk about autonomy first. It can offer around seven and a half hours of screen with an average brightness level of 50%. In contrast, if the worst scenario is forced, 100% brightness, in QHD + 120 Hz mode and with the O1 way that allows interpolating images. With regular use, the mobile offers more than 5 hours of screen on, subtracting 18%.
What is surprising is its fast charge: in 33 minutes, it charges 100%. But it is that in just 12 minutes, you have a 50% charge! Its 4,260 mAh makes it mobile with a battery life more than adequate for any user. And being able to charge it at this time makes you forget to set it daily.

Indeed, this mobile phone does not have Qi wireless charging support. And, obviously, neither does it have a reverse wireless charging system. In this price range, we can count it as a disadvantage compared to other mobiles, but is it a handicap? Taking into account that in less than 12 minutes, you can charge your mobile up to 50%, I would say no.

Although, if you have to put the mobile to charge by Qi, at work or in the car, you will have to use the cable again.

No minijack but powerful built-in stereo sound

The connectivity of this Oppo Find X2 Pro is complete in terms of wireless connectivity. We are dealing with a mobile phone with 5G connectivity compatible with a large number of bands internationally.

It is still compatible with 4G, 3G, and 2G networks. And it is also compatible with 2.4GHz and 5.8 GHz Wi-Fi networks with 802.11a / b / g / n / ac / ax standard and support for the following excellent Wi-Fi standard. Fi 6. At the Bluetooth level, we are talking about BT 5.1 support.

There are also USB-C headphones in the box that do not offer lousy sound. So, at this point, we can only comment that we are dealing with a very solvent mobile and above other mobile phones of the same range.

In the highest range of 2020 and with many unique features

If right now I was granted the desire to buy any mobile on the market, I would surely bet on this mobile. The Oppo terminal meets all the requirements we can demand at the top of the range. Except for wireless charging.

The fast-charging system is superb and can more than compensate for that lack. In the photographic section, Oppo continues to take giant steps depending on the type of photography. It is placed at the height of other top mobiles, such as the S20 Ultra or even the P40 Pro. And that is praiseworthy; in different types of photos, it does stay slightly behind.

As for cons, we can only add to what was said in the analysis that the starting price, 1,199 euros is above what one would expect seeing the rest of the market options. What is clear is that this Oppo Find X2 Pro is around mobile. And indeed, we are facing one of the best Android of 2020. It has no wireless charging. But wired charging is scary!

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