The mistake you should never make with your Nintendo Switch

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The manufacturer has recommended that the Nintendo Switch be charged at least once every six months, so the battery does not deteriorate.

As with any device, consoles have their maintenance and acceptable practices to prevent them from deteriorating quickly due to use, or disuse, that they have. In addition, any manufacturer recommendations or warnings are released if possible failures are detected, or so they should be. And Nintendo has recently made one on the Nintendo Switch.

Nintendo recommended that the Nintendo Switch be charged even if it is not played regularly. And this may be done at least every six months. The objective is to prevent the battery from deteriorating, which is usually the most vulnerable in devices. As any user who has had a mobile phone for more than two years knows.

This recommendation has been posted on a Nintendo company account. If you know the language, you can read the tweet here. Otherwise, we will explain it to you below.

If you constantly play on Nintendo Switch, you shouldn’t have any problem beyond the deterioration of a classic ion battery like this one. Such as a lower maximum capacity. Still, the degradation is suffered by a battery that does not charge for an extended period. It may be higher.

In any case, the best thing about this Nintendo Switch is that if the battery breaks or deteriorates too much. It can always be replaced with another without a significant problem. However, we understand that the user will prefer not to spend the money if he can solve it with practice. As simple as charging it at least once every six months.

If you play constantly, you should not be affected by this problem, and you do not have to worry. Fortunately, the Nintendo Switch’s battery life is extended if it is continuously used. So how long have you not played with yours?

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