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Five Next-Generation Technology Products that you can’t miss

The importance of big data The intelligence of the information: in the last two years. They have been generated more than in the rest of human history. As BBVA offers you the best financial solutions, in this article, we will discover the best next-generation technology products that can be purchased in the market. They are high-end technological articles that combine noble materials and design. In the full version of their category and we have selected them for you.

The first months of the year are especially active in technology fairs. The Mobile World Congress in Barcelona or the CES in Las Vegas are conventions where the main novelties, technologies, and prototypes are. That will arrive at our homes in the coming months presented. These events are as important for technological development. For example, Formula 1 can be in the evolution of domestic vehicles. As a result of these advances, we can now acquire the five items that we offer below:

Devialet Gold Phantom: Quality speaker and French design

Wi-Fi connectivity, Bluetooth, AirPlay, Spotify Connect, TV … More than 108 exclusive patents are linked to its spectacular design. MAG-LEV 1: The image will enjoy our favorite music while watching the disks float as if by magic. Thanks to the system of coils and magnets patented by MagLev.

Indeed, you have read well; It’s a floating turntable:
Ic of floating sound.

R-kaid-R: A museum piece for digital nostalgics

next generation technology

It contains the best classic titles, such as Mario Kart, Pac-Man, Asteroids, Castlevania, Street Fighter, and Donkey Kong. Limited edition of 50 units, assembled by hand and presented in a discreet wooden box.

Nike Hyper Adapt: ​​the shoes of the future

next generation technology

Finally, in 2019 we were in luck, and the Nike Adapt BB was presented. With next-generation technology, the first sports shoes, without laces, in the world. They have a small engine that makes them adapt almost magically, correctly, and ergonomically to our feet. Something that will cause future generations to ask us what those ties that came with the shoes.

Modifications for cell phones

next generation technology

For those who have an iPhone or a next-generation Samsung is not enough. And seeking to differentiate themselves from the rest, we present two unique options.

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