AMD dominates Intel with an 82% market share with the leading German Retailer

AMD has just reached a new sales record in Germany’s largest retailer: With an even larger market share than Intel, the company achieved 82% of total CPU sales in November 2019, compared to 78% in October. The increase in market shares mainly led by the Ryzen 7 3700X and Ryzen 5 3600X processors.

In terms of total revenue, AMD processors accounted for 77% of all processors sold due to lower ASP (average selling price) than their Intel counterparts. At the same time, Intel The data also shows that the increase in market share was mainly led by the new Ryzen R7 3700X processors and the Ryzen 5 3600X. That marks a fairly clear trend, buyers, in general, seek 8-core processors for the assembly of a standard PC.

AMD continues to lead CPU sales

AMD continues to lead CPU sales in the most significant German retailer recorded by 23%. Speaking in terms of the total number of processors sold, however, AMD reached 82%, which represents more than 25,000 processors sold during November, while Intel CPUs shipped in an average quantity of ~ 5,000.

new ryzen processors

One fascinating thing that we have noticed is that if we take a look at the graphics. The positioning in November 2019 seems more or less the same as at the end of 2016. When AMD was not yet sufficiently competitive. That is a fairly radical change to what happened three years ago before Ryzen came into our lives.
The 9900KS is still the processor with the largest ASP for Intel, and it is not for less. It is one of the best gaming chips that exist at the moment or, perhaps, the best.

With the 10nm not scheduled to launch until the end of 2020. We may not see Intel again being competitive until the transition to EUV with the 7nm node becomes a reality sometime in 2021 or 2022. Therefore, if The blue company wants to be competitive, it can only do it one way, cutting prices.

AMD, meanwhile, has everything to continue to succeed, technologically it uses a 7 nm node more advanced than Intel. And during the next year, it already plans to launch the fourth generation of Ryzen processors. That will base on Zen 3, which will increase even more performance and consumption concerning the third generation. This situation will likely widen the gap between the two companies in the desktop CPU market. We will keep you informed.

AMD dominates Intel in the list of Amazon’s best selling CPUs

Currently, AMD is dominating the sales of processors in the different Amazon stores around the world. Not only in American territory but also in the United Kingdom, Germany, and Spain.

AMD dominates the sales of CPUs in Amazon of different countries

We know that AMD has been recovering the CPU market share at Intel’s expense. Since Ryzen had reached the market two years ago, and that fact reflected in Amazon sales from different countries. The TOP 10 of best-selling processors from various stores in the United States, Spain, United Kingdom, or Germany dominated by Ryzen second and third-generation processors.

new ryzen processors

The best-selling Ryzen processors vary by territory. But the Ryzen 5 3600 and 3600X, Ryzen 5 2600, and the Ryzen 5 2700, among others, succeed. From Intel, we can highlight the i9-9900K, i9-9700K, and the 9400F.
AMD has been dominating the Amazon list for quite some time, which shouldn’t surprise you too much. Given the excellent performance and price offered by the company’s products.

It is not the first time we hear that AMD worries its rivals. In July, aggregate data from several resellers in the country showed that AMD CPU sales had exceeded Intel’s in Japan. Its processors have also become increasingly popular among Steam users, according to the platform’s hardware survey.

The market share of AMD CPU units has increased every quarter. Since the second quarter of 2017 and now stands at 18%. And it is not only in the consumer market where things are improving; AMD has seen its participation in the server market increased by 2.74% year-on-year. How long will this domain continue? It is challenging to know in the distant future. But the coming months do not seem to change the landscape too much. What do you think?


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