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This is What Apple is Preparing For 2023

Apple’s 2023 PreparationsKey Points
New MacBook Pro with ARMApple plans to release a new MacBook Pro with ARM processors in Q4 2020, offering higher performance and cost reduction.
iPad Air with Touch IDRumors suggest the possibility of an iPad Air with a fingerprint reader under the screen and a Mini-LED display.
Apple TV RemoteApple is exploring the gamer market and may launch its console controller as a complement to Apple TVs.
Modular HeadphonesApple is working on wireless headband headphones with noise cancellation and interchangeable parts for customization.
Other NewsUpcoming products include new AirPods, AirTags, iMac updates, and four new 2020 iPhone models with features like smaller notches, 5G technology, and A14 chips.

Technology does not stop; technology companies like Apple continue to work on their subsequent releases, renewing existing products or introducing new ones. A leak reveals what the next steps of the American giant will be.

From Twitter, we get a complete summary of Apple’s activities. An anonymous account carries out the leak, but it has been correct in its predictions about Apple. This source correctly confirmed the date on which the new iPhone SE would present, for example, so this further information is given some credibility.

Thanks to this new leak, we can get an idea of ​​what Tim Cook’s company is preparing for the next year and a half. They will renew products such as iPad Air, MacBook, or AirPods and will also enter new markets by designing their video game console.

New MacBook Pro with ARM

This information is not new; many of the indications published on Twitter have already been rumored. Apple will prepare a new MacBook pro with its ARM processors for the fourth quarter of 2020.

Its processors would imply higher performance than some of the Intel now used and would help reduce costs for Apple. It also said that these new computers would have a 12-inch new MacBook pro version without a fan and would have been canceled in previous years.

iPad Air with Touch ID

new macbook pro,apple

Something that has never been mentioned before is the possibility of launching an iPad Air with a fingerprint reader under the screen. And sounds somewhat implausible that the first Apple device to have this technological innovation is not the iPhone.

It has also indicated that this new iPad Air model would have a Mini-LED screen. Another change would be strange not to see more premium products like the iPad Pro. However, from this information, we should keep that Apple continues to work on the Touch ID below the screen and, perhaps this year or the next, finally dare to launch a new device with it.

A remote to play with Apple TV

This leak affirms that the company would be looking to enter the gamer market. And sell its console controller, which would be an excellent complement to its Apple TVs. The brand has made the Xbox and PlayStation controls compatible to play with their iPad and TV sets. Entering this industry can be complicated, with other giants already earning their prestige after years of work. But Apple never rules out conquering new technological sectors.

Apple is looking to launch the ultimate modular headphones

Apple would be working on wireless headband headphones that would have not only noise cancellation. But also interchangeable parts to allow the user to customize them to the fullest.

new macbook pro,apple

It is not the first time we have had rumors about hypothetical new headphones with a headband from Apple. And according to Bloomberg, those from Cupertino would be developing these high-end headphones. That would include interchangeable pads and headbands that would be connected magnetically.

In this way, we would be talking about a modular device that, although it would not be unique in the market because other high-end companies have already launched this type of headphones. It would allow owners to change their parts when they consider it appropriate, customizing them with other brand accessories.

These headband headphones would also feature Siri support for the voice control compatibility theme. The noise mentioned above canceling feature and specific built-in touch controls.

It would not be comfortable in the market niche to which those of Cupertino would point where they would have to face well-stabilized rivals such as Sony’s 1000XM3, the Bose 700, or the Sennheiser Momentum. It is expected that because of the price of these headphones, Apple could bet for about $ 400 on its sale.

The device could launch under two versions: one of them would be intended for premium users. And would have a headband made of a material similar to leather. In contrast, the other version would focus on athletes and fitness enthusiasts and have a perforated and breathable fabric.

Apple would have worked on these new modular headband headphones for two years. And although the initial idea was to launch them at the end of the year. The date is in the air.

Other news

Apple’s schedule does not stop there; new AirPods, AirTags, the iMac update, and four new 2020 iPhone models are also mentioned, which are still surrounded by speculation about whether they will have a smaller notch, 5G technology, and an A14 chip.

Of course, not all is good news; some products and components are delayed because of the COVID-19 health crisis. As the months go by, some of these leaks will become stronger until it confirmed by the company. What is clear is that it may delay, but Apple does not stop working.


When will Apple release the new MacBook Pro with ARM processors?

Apple plans to launch the new MacBook Pro with ARM processors in the fourth quarter of 2020.

What is the unique feature of the rumored iPad Air model?

The rumored iPad Air model may feature a fingerprint reader under the screen and a Mini-LED display, setting it apart from previous models.

Is Apple planning to enter the gamer market?

Yes, Apple is reportedly considering selling its console controller as a complement to Apple TVs to enter the gamer market.

What are the special features of the modular headphones Apple is working on?

The modular headphones from Apple will offer not only noise cancellation but also interchangeable parts for customization. They will have Siri support, touch controls, and a premium version with a leather-like headband and a fitness-focused version with a breathable fabric headband.

What other products can we expect from Apple in 2023?

In addition to the mentioned products, Apple is also preparing new AirPods, AirTags, an iMac update, and four new iPhone models with potential features like smaller notches, 5G technology, and A14 chips.

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