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New Google Drive feature will erase data, from October 13

Google Drive feature
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Google Drive will release a new feature that will delete data if you have not touched it in 30 days. It is a logical function, but better to be forewarned …

Google announced that week a modification of the conditions of the Google Drive feature, to equalize them with Gmail. As of October 13, files that have been in the trash for more than 30 days will be automatically deleted.

Until now, when you sent files to the Google Drive trash, they stayed there indefinitely, until you manually emptied the trash. Of course, they continued to consume space quota.

With the update that will arrive on October 13, Google Drive will change the trash’s operation, deleting what is there when it has been there at least 30 days. It is essential to know this new function because many people use the trash as temporary storage, retrieving information later. It is a misuse of it, but it had been standardized.

On its blog, Google explains the reasons for this change. The first one is that it wants to match the Google Drive trash functions with Gmail, which has also been emptied after 30 days.

Second, it aims to recover the trash’s original use to get rid of things that are not useful. And, not a reusable temporary store.

Finally, he cites security and privacy issues. If they are no longer useful, the safest thing to do is delete them instead of remaining recoverable and, therefore, visible by other people.

After deletion, the data can no longer be recovered. Only the System Administrator will recover them after a user loses them, for an additional 25 days.

Users will be informed in the weeks before the update with notifications and messages, indicating the changes that will take place in the Google Drive trash can.

Notifications will also be sent before they are deleted, and they will be deleted even if the user disagrees. The only way it does not occur is to remove them from the trash before the end of that month.

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