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The NES Super Mario Bros is the most expensive retro game ever

super mario bros

The sealed NES Super Mario Bros. is the most expensive retro game ever sold, reaching the $ 114,000 milestone at a recent auction.

Collecting video games is a relatively misunderstood hobby. Still, it moves billions of dollars every year in sales that are made in second-hand markets around the world, mainly highlighting old titles that appeared at the end of the last century as NES games, Super Nintendo, Megadrive, Neo Geo and many others of the time.

And it is that unlike the current titles where millions of copies are produced worldwide and in which there is never a shortage, in the past very few units were produced for a video game market much more limited than the current one, which has derived that there is now more demand than supply in retro games.

But what has been experienced recently with a sealed NES Super Mario Bros has broken all records. And is that the auction house Heritage Auctions has managed to sell a very particular unit for $ 114,000. Beating the previous record, also of a Super Mario Bros, which sold for $ 100,150 last year.

Although precisely the Super Mario is one of the easiest retro games to get because millions of units were produced at that time. The truth is that finding a sealed Super Mario Bros is practically impossible with very few units in the world.

The auction’s Super Mario Bros is rated 9.4 out of 10 by Wata Games. A site dedicated to rating video games so collectors can comfortably rest on their purchased jewelry.

super mario bros

To this, we must add that we are talking about a very special copy of Super Mario Bros from the United States. Given that this article does not come sealed with plastic but with a small sticker on the top flap. As time went by, Nintendo realized that putting a sticker on the flap. When you peel it off could damage the paint on the box.

Also, exactly this Mario Bros sealed with the aforementioned sticker on the flap. This was produced only in a short period of time, with which very limited units were sold. And it is understood that the auction is the only copy in this state. That exists currently in the North American version.

In fact, it is curious that the Casa de Empeños program, last year, received the visit of a curious collector who asked for exactly $ 1 million for a sealed Super Mario Bros. Just like the one that has now been auctioned (rating included). However, it is not known for sure if it is the same unit.

Be that as it may if with a complete second-hand copy of Super Mario Bros in your storage room. Don’t get excited because it is very little value in the collecting market. Although the small box version has a higher value.

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