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How to Prevent Apps in the Background From Consuming Data on Your Mobile

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Is your rate data ending faster than it should? Applications that continue to run while you’re not using them may have something to do with it. We tell you how to prevent apps in the background from consuming your mobile data.

Check your Mobile Data usage

First, we recommend you check the mobile data consumption that each app you have installed makes. In Android, you can see this detail from Settings, Data use, a section where you will find a list of applications with each consumed data. You will see consumption in the first and the background by clicking on any app. This information may be found elsewhere if your mobile operating system has a manufacturer customization layer. For example, in the case of Xiaomi MIUI, the detail is within the Data section of the Security app.

To check the consumption of mobile data on the iPhone, go to Settings, Mobile data, and you will also see a list of all the installed applications that use the Internet connection for your rate. Under each of them, you will see the total consumption they have made during the period, and click on the Reset Statistics button to reset the counters to zero when you need it.

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Restrict data consumption in the background

Once you have reviewed the use of the applications, you will know which ones spend the most data on your mobile rate. If you want to limit this consumption, Android allows you to restrict the use of data in the background with a single click, activating the corresponding option in the Settings, Data usage section. Remember that if you start the restriction, some apps and services will stop working until you connect to a WiFi network. As we said, this functionality is only available on Android, so if you have an iPhone, you cannot restrict the use of data in the background.

Disable the use of Mobile Data

One of the fastest solutions to prevent apps from running in the background from consuming data. When you don’t have WiFi is to disable the use of mobile data. Of course, this alternative is the most drastic and will prevent you from receiving WhatsApp messages. And notifications from social networks and other alerts that require an Internet connection. To disable the use of mobile data on Android, go to the Data usage section of Settings. Or do it directly by unchecking the corresponding box in the quick settings.

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Disable data usage for some apps

Another possibility that you have at your disposal and that it is less drastic than the previous one. Is the restriction of the use of mobile data only for some applications? You have the option to do it on both iOS and Android in a straightforward way. So it will not take more than a few seconds.
You will find this alternative in the Settings section in Google’s mobile operating system, Data usage. While in the case of the iPhone, you can see it in Settings, Mobile data. In both cases, the data usage of each application you see on the list can easily deactivate.

Activate Airplane Mode

Another simple and quick alternative to prevent background apps from consuming data on your mobile is to activate Airplane Mode. In this way, with a single click, all the connections will be closed so that the applications will not spend the data of your rate.
Surely you already know how to activate Airplane Mode on your mobile. But we refresh your memory in case you need it. In the case of Android, you can do it through the menu that appears when you press the phone’s power button or in the quick settings. While in iOS, you can do it by sliding up in the sharp tools window.
You can connect to a WiFi network with Airplane Mode if you wish. When you want to reuse the mobile data of your rate, deactivate this mode in the same way you activated it.

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