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Microsoft closes Mixer and announces an alliance with Facebook Gaming

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On July 22, Microsoft will abandon the Mixer video game streaming service, migrate part of its users to Facebook Gaming and focus all its efforts on promoting xCloud.
Now that video game services in the cloud have taken off and streaming video platforms for gamers have settled, it is when Microsoft has finally given up on mixer streaming software and has decided to close it. But in an unpredictable move. It has reached an agreement with Facebook to migrate users to Facebook Gaming and start an alliance.

Microsoft made a strong bet when it launched the Mixer streaming software in August 2016. With the aim of broadcasting games live from Windows and Xbox. The truth is that it was always behind YouTube or Twitch and announced that July 22 will abandon the project. But will try not to harm users.

Streamers, who had a monetization program, will be able to migrate to the Facebook Gaming Level Up program. Those who had an exclusivity contract will have complete freedom to choose the platform they want from now on. Also, those who had any outstanding balance will be compensated with gift cards to spend on Xbox.

The decision made by Microsoft has not surprised the industry too much either, profitability issues with Mixer were known. And leading streamers have long opted for other platforms where they were more comfortable or perceived higher profitability. In addition, there is a definite change in objectives.

Surely in a few months, xCloud will be launched and will be part of the Xbox Game Pass offer. This new platform will be the center of attention by Microsoft. And essential value in order to face a competing service that has yet to convince users: Google Stadia.
We do have the infrastructure to make streaming play possible. Connections in the homes are fast and stable enough. Latency has dropped to a minimum. Companies have enough to offer the service and the big video game companies (Microsoft, Nintendo, and Sony) have their video game streaming services gaming platforms. Both in the final version (PS Now) as in beta (Project xCloud from Microsoft. And GeForce Now game on Nintendo Switch).

A new player is added to all this, and after a year talking about the benefits of Project Stream, Google launches Stadia. Along the next lines, we will tell everything you should know about the platform. In this complete analysis of Google Stadia after spending a week testing the service. But we must clarify several things before.

Stadia is an excellent Google project. We have already told you what you should take into account before buying Stadia since it is important. Although Google hasn’t called it a ‘beta,’ the Stadia Founders Edition at hand is an all-letter beta.

In the objectives of xCloud is to reach 2,000 million users, and, after this last agreement with Facebook. We will likely see a bet that somehow joins both companies’ paths to establish themselves in the sector.

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