Some users are building this city for nine years in Minecraft

building a city minecraft
  • A team of over 400 people building a city in Minecraft, a functional city, called Greenfield.
  • They are working for more than nine years and have used more than 20 million blocks.
  • They have made 20% of the city, and you can see the changes live.

When you see the image that accompanies this article, you undoubtedly think that it is a night photograph of some real city and, if the distribution doesn’t sound familiar, a picture from a movie. However, this is a screenshot of Minecraft. It is an exciting project to building a city in Minecraft that has occupied more than 400 people for nine years. And they still have left.

Minecraft is one of those equally loved and hated games. Many people who go against this game do so because it is a title played by millions of people (just like Fortnite, without going any further). Still, the truth is that Minecraft is essential both in the medium and culturally and socially. Furthermore, it has been used as a tool to teach programming and as a support for young people to stay at home during confinement.

It is used in education thanks to the creative possibilities of the title, it is a great social game, it is fun, and it is clay waiting to shape in the right hands.

The free version appeared 11 years ago and has since become a key player on every platform. We had seen great works in Minecraft before the one in question, but this project takes the cake.
building a city minecraft
building a city minecraft

As we read on Reddit, for nine years (that is, almost since the launch of the game). A team that has had more than 400 people have been building day and night to get a stunning city. The objective is not to organize for construction since they have a purpose and follow logical lines of urban design. This city in Minecraft and has several districts that can saw with the naked eye, a scale size, parks, polygons, port areas, stations, sports centers, financial centers. And it represents only 20% of what they want to achieve!
If we look at the map live (they have a group on Discord that can be accessed to see progress). We see where they want to expand the city, and some planned areas are already visible. To work quietly, they have their server, although they open one from time to time to show their work.

From time to time, they show us their progress at the street level. And the truth is that it is impressive to see the city as if we were a pedestrian:

We will see what this group of passionate about Minecraft and city design holds for us. But we will have to be vigilant because what they have achieved so far is impressive.

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