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Microsoft will rely on AI and machine learning to avoid errors in Windows 10

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Microsoft will rely on artificial intelligence and machine learning to test its future Windows 10 updates to avoid crashes that are occurring on user computers.

Although the update process in Windows 10 is quite simple, the result is not always what we expect, with driver incompatibilities or even affecting the system’s operation.

Those of Redmond are aware that one of the problems with Windows 10 is the issue of updates. On many occasions, they cause different computers, causing many users to pause updates and avoid having their computers updated out of fear to receive some critical failure.

Those of Redmond is currently working on avoiding future errors with Windows 10 updates and using artificial intelligence and machine learning.

While Microsoft initially relied on a large group of testers to test Windows 10 feature updates on real hardware. Before it was released to the general public, lately, they are with computer systems to try these new features.

Right now, they would be considering going one step further, testing a new model of artificial intelligence. Or machine learning to test the drivers in different combinations of hardware and software. This could significantly reduce Windows 10 update problems caused by different drivers.

This system would allow Microsoft to identify driver issues before implementing feature updates. It would be accomplished by adding more combinations of hardware to the AI and machine learning-based test matrix.

The machine learning model is trained on PCs with different drivers, software. And hardware adjustments to distinguish between good and bad experiences after a driver upgrade.

Machine learning is already being used to determine the output quality. But Microsoft plans to add additional hardware/driver/software to the new driver test matrix.

Based on the results from its ML / AI model and the expanded hardware combination. Microsoft will highlight potential problems with Windows 10 drivers before submitting feature updates.

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