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Microsoft abandons the Surface Neo project: Goodbye to the laptop with two screens

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It seems that the laptop with two screens that Microsoft worked on will not see the light, at least for the moment: the Surface Neo website has been closed.

We wrote a lot at the time about Surface Neo, Microsoft’s ambitious plan to offer users a computer with two screens that would completely change their experience with the devices. The large company worked with great ambition on this team. So it was anticipated how Windows 10X would work with the double screen.

But something changed the plans of Microsoft and the entire planet: the coronavirus pandemic. Since it emerged, it seems that the news about this project has stopped. And the last we have known is that the product has ended up disappearing from the Microsoft website, according to Neowin.

Various reasons are being considered for why this has happened, both social and from the same industry. One of them may be in the price it would have. We have already seen how that of dual-screen or folding mobiles increases, and with computers. A considerable rise could also be expected, but there are more causes. Shown in this video

Microsoft Product Director Panos Panay affirms that “the world is very different from what it was in October 2019, when two-screen devices were announced,” according to Hypertextual. And it is a very valid point. The economic crisis and the new paradigm we find ourselves have caused users to look more for the economy than the premium.

The commercial strategy has been turned towards cheap devices with a single screen that is exceptionally affordable for Microsoft users. Comfortable computers focused on work and daily traffic, not two-screen computers that can be more expensive and fragile.

Anyway, this has not been surprising news; just a year ago, it was shown how the Microsoft Surface neo was going to be. But in April, the delays began to be reported, the rest has been history. However, we are left in doubt about Microsoft’s progress in its development and whether it will apply them to other projects.

Although Microsoft has stopped the project, temporarily or permanently. We cannot rule out that some other company will venture with this type of equipment. They may not reach as many customers as could be expected a year ago. But surely many users want one and could take full advantage of it.

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