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Microsoft’s new web browser is coming to Windows in the next big update.

microsoft new web browser

Microsoft’s new web browser, based on the same Chrome engine, will arrive in a few months on all Windows 10 computers with the next update.

Microsoft introduced its new web browser, Microsoft Edge Chromium, earlier this year. However, it could be downloaded externally since it was not included in the Windows operating system. This is what will change from the following big Windows 10 update.

Under 20H2, the next major update has already entered the testing phase. And Windows Insiders have verified that the new Microsoft web browser, based on the same engine as Chrome, is included by default in the update.

Although the update may change its name when it reaches the general public, no other news is known apart from the new browser’s arrival. Of course, like last year’s updates, this one will also have the latest, faster, and more automatic installation. 

One advantage of the new Edge Chromium when using the same engine as Chrome is that it is compatible with all Google browser extensions. Extensions can be of great help in being more productive and personalizing the browser with shortcuts or shortcuts.

As the tests started today, the rest of Windows 10 users will not receive the update with Edge Chromium for several months. In November, the month in which Microsoft released 2019 its second major update, which did not have so much news as May 1.

Meanwhile, those interested can download this new browser from the Microsoft website in all the available versions: Windows 7, Windows 8, Windows 8.1, macOS, iOS, and Android. A browser maintains a characteristic Windows interface but includes a much more complete base of functions than the previous ones.

How to download Microsoft Edge Chromium right now and use Chrome extensions

On January 15, Microsoft Edge Chromium was released, the new Microsoft browser that uses the same engine as Chrome. Like other things, you can install all Chrome extensions in Edge directly from the Google store.

Edge Chromium will begin to reach all Windows 10 users in the coming weeks through system updates. There are also versions for Windows 7, Windows 8, Windows 8.1, macOS, iOS, and Android. We will show you how to download Microsoft Edge Chromium and install Chrome extensions if you don’t already have it.

It is being distributed little by little, so if you have Windows 10, you may not have received it yet. To download it right now, you have to go to this Microsoft website and choose the version that interests you:

After installing the browser, it will allow you to import Chrome favorites, create an account, etc. The typical options when you install any browser. At the moment, it is just available in English.

You will soon see that the interface has wholly changed concerning the old Edge. It looks a bit more like the classic Chrome since, as we have mentioned, it uses the same Chromium engine. However, Microsoft has applied its interface and some of its options.

One of the novelties of Edge Chromium is that it can use all Chrome extensions. So nothing prevents you from using your favorites. To activate them, you must touch the menu of the three points in the upper right corner and select the Extensions option. Check the Allow Extensions from other Stores box in the new window that opens. This allows you to install extensions from other stores beyond that Microsoft:

Now you have to go to the Chrome extensions page and find your favorite extensions. To install them, click Add to Chrome. A window will open and ask if you want to add the attachment to Edge Chromium. Tap on the Add Extension button, and you can use it in the new browser:

You can now use the new Edge Chromium with Chrome’s functionality. But without Google’s monitoring of all your movements.

Microsoft has promised privacy and security. We will see if it is up to it …

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