Mi Paipai, the alternative to Xiaomi Chromecast that does not need an internet connection

My Paipai
Image by – Xiaomiyoupin.com

Xiaomi has presented the Mi Paipai, an alternative to Google’s Chromecast that, unlike this, does not need to connect to WiFi to work. You can now buy it from Spain on AliExpress at a price of 46 euros.

Youpin, Xiaomi’s crowdfunding platform, has recently received a new device. It is called Xiaomi Mi Paipai, and it is a device very similar to Google’s Chromecast, but with the difference that it does not need to connect to the WiFi network to project the screen of the devices.

So how does Mi Paipai work? The alternative to Xiaomi’s Chromecast is made up of two small devices, which, as you can see in the image on the top, have an appearance that is quite reminiscent of the Google model. One of them is an emitter connected to the device whose screen you want to project through a USB Type C port. A thing you need to do is be connected to the device that will emit the content.

The other item is the receiver; the component has to be connected to the TV or other display device through the HDMI port. Mi Paipai is compatible with televisions, computer monitors, and projectors. Unlike the transmitter, it is necessary to connect a power cable for it to work in this case.

Once the two components have been connected, you have to run the Mi Paipai application to project the computer screen. The configuration is carried out, and the projection is launched. It is compatible with Windows computers with Windows 7 or later and with Mac computers with macOS 10.10 or later. It can be connected to multiple computers at the same time.

The Xiaomi Mi Paipai has built-in support for dual-band 2.4 and 5 GHz WiFi. It supports Full HD resolution and image transmission at 60 Hz. It is important to note that the operating distance is 10 meters, so the sender and receiver should not be located far from each other.

Xiaomi’s alternative to Chromecast is now available in Spain through AliExpress. It has a price of 46.93 euros in the Chinese eCommerce with free shipping.

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