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Malware targeting smartphones and the Internet of Things increases

Malware targeting mobile devices has continued to grow as users keep their mobiles unprotected. Furthermore, the attacks are now targeting the Internet of Things. A sector with a shallow level of security for all the personal information it processes. For a long time, smartphones have ceased to be simple phones to become real HUBs where all their user information is concentrated.

The photos of your weekend on the beach, with your coworkers, at your children’s school party, access your banking apps. Your emails, and even the location of where you have been every day during the last few years.

You are not always aware of the enormous amount of personal and private information on your mobile. And users tend to be frivolous with the subject, claiming that their data is of no interest to anyone. That is the first huge mistake since you underestimate your data. If user data – those that claim to be anonymous and unimportant – were of no value to cybercriminals. The number of malware detected in 2018 would not have grown by 40%. Nor would there be massive detections of apps on Google Play that contain malware.

The European security company warns of the increase of malware threats targeting smartphones. And of a notable rise in vulnerabilities detected in connected devices and the Internet of Things.

Smartphones in the eye of the hurricane

Mobiles are real candy for cybercriminals because of the possibility of access to all kinds of user information. All that information is gold for cybercriminals who sell that data to the highest bidder for large sums of money. Many claims that if you do not install apps from unknown sources or do not browse suspicious pages, there is no risk. Unfortunately, that is the second big mistake.


These types of messages are erroneous and based on assumptions. That years ago was real, but that is not currently true. Make users let their guard down and find themselves unprotected against the slightest attack by malware.

Today’s malware attacks are much more sophisticated and quiet than they were a couple of years ago. So, installing security software on smartphones is a necessary protection measure.

ESET Mobile Security for Android is a free security solution for Android smartphones. That protects your smartphone against all types of malware. It provides an analysis system capable of detecting suspicious behavior on your smartphone. And neutralizing it before it activates.

Also, this free security app for your Android smartphone allows you to lock the terminal so that no one can access your data. To activate a remote alarm to locate if it is still close to you in case of theft and a security system. The location that positions your mobile on a map in time

If you want more protection, you can get the ESET Mobile Security Premium license for Android. Also, to keep your smartphone protected with other security features. You can also save your family’s Android phones and tablets with up to 5 more devices with a single-user license.

They steal not only your device but also its content.

If malware attacks, the only protection is to have a security app installed on a tablet or mobile device. There is also the threat of theft of the equipment. In that case, the offender can have direct access to the invention. So having fingerprint access systems activated that currently incorporate most mobiles. Even laptops will be an essential retaining wall to prevent them from accessing the information that contains.

Also, to secure access methods using fingerprint or strong passwords (please do not use 1234). It will be necessary to have encryption systems and anti-theft protection in the case of smartphones and tablets. The Premium license of ESET Mobile Security for Android enables the Proactive Anti-Theft function. Which identifies the device is not used by its owner and shields private information by reinforcing access-blocking systems. Protecting the user’s photos and sending their position to the owner.

Also, to smartphones, friends of outsiders much appreciate. That you lose one second of your laptop to make it disappear. With ESET Multi-Device Security. You will keep your mobile and laptop secure with a single license.

This protection goes beyond the usual antivirus. And antimalware protection for Android mobiles or Windows computers. It also provides more protection for your laptop with data encryption functions. And location methods for your computer. Identification of unauthorized access through the webcam.

ESET Security allows you to protect all the devices that you usually carry with you. Both threats on the Net and the risk of theft lurking anywhere and at any time.

Smart TV hyperconnected … and unprotected

Smartphones and mobile devices are devices that we use. So, there are more possibilities of detecting that some malware has attacked them by experiencing suspicious behavior or operating slower than usual. But, there are other devices that the user himself has not aware of connected devices. Or what is also known as the Internet of Things.


Every device connected to a network is susceptible to attack. All the information to which it has access is compromised. Suppose you stop to think about the devices that you currently have connected to the Internet at home. You will think about your computer, laptop, family mobiles, or tablet.

But have you stopped to think that there are other devices that you do not usually have? How about your new next-generation washing machine or your brand-new Smart TV?

Controlling the security of home networks is not a new task. Still, it is now, with the incorporation of these new devices. They do not have an antimalware security system to protect them. Then it becomes more necessary to become aware of the importance of security.

Security solutions such as ESET Security, which you can install on your computer. Or a laptop with a single multi-device license of ESET Multi-Device Security.

Allow you to analyze your router’s security and that of all the intelligent devices connected if you do not have this basic protection system for IoT devices. You may be interested in the free security solution for Smart TV that ESET offers.

This security solution is compatible with Smart TV platforms based on Android TV. Its operation is very like what it would have on an Android mobile. If you already have the Premium license of ESET Mobile Security for Android. You can also use the Premium version of ESET Smart TV Security and vice versa.

Install ESET Smart TV Security on your TV from the app store itself. The security app will protect your TV from ransomware, malware, or phishing attacks. Also, to ensure the device security that connects to the TV via USB.

Why would someone want to attack my Smart TV?

The same question that millions of smartphone users ask themselves. Underestimating the importance of their data. And the enormous amounts of money earned by those who steal it.

Your Smart TV has voice control, which can hear your voice when it requires attention. What do you think if someone malicious took control of that listening system?

It is possible that other models even integrate cameras that respond to gesture control. Or, in any case, you have not stopped to think that your TV is also connected to your Google account through Google Play or YouTube. Or you have access to your Facebook account. And the TV browser has saved access or Netflix, etc.

Do you still think you don’t need to protect your Smart TV? No, your Smart TV is no longer a pure television. In the same way, your smartphone is no longer a simple telephone.

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