The most interesting improvement of the iPhone 12 is perhaps not what you imagine

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Much has been heard about the new iPhone 12 this last week, but one of its most curious news has gone more unnoticed than it should. The renewed MagSafe quality opens up a world of possibilities.

On Tuesday, October 13, Apple presented the iPhone 12 to the world; its new phones with differences and similarities with respect to previous models. Much has been made of 5G, and the decision to remove headphones and chargers from the boxes each phone is sold. However, there is a novelty that could give a lot of play.

Indeed you have already read about the return of MagSafe for iPhone 12. iPhones will feature two new wireless chargers. What adheres to the phone with this magnetic quality. Beyond charging the phone, MagSafe magnets also mean more excellent compatibility with other accessories to personalize the new iPhones as we please.

It is normal to see people on the street who have installed a ring on the mobile’s back to hold it better. Others choose to keep their credit or public transport cards between their mobile. And their case to avoid carrying their wallet in their purse. There are many accessories that we can “stick” to phones, from covers, stickers, to lenses to improve photographic quality.

Customizing a mobile with all these accessories is not always easy because they do not find a good grip. With the magnets of the new iPhones, in principle, it would be simpler. And more comfortable to change from one accessory to another every day without forcing the grip or the case of the smartphone.

With or without a cover, with various accessories, the iphone would still have wireless charging. There would be no interference that would force us to return the case or ornament. Because they do not allow the power to pass well from the wireless charger. This opens up a world of possibilities both for the brand itself and for third-party companies.

The mounts for the cars’ mobile, the PopSocket, the extra lenses, and other possibilities would not depend on adhesives. That is difficult to apply or remove. It all depends on whether Apple facilitates the manufacture of add-ons by other companies. Or if it decides to monopolize this new MagSafe for the iphone 12 ecosystem. Neither magnets nor the wireless charging standard is for Apple’s private use. So it would be easy for other companies to take advantage of this quality.

However, the iPhone 12 has already shown that they can detect whether your company certifies the charger we are using or not. It remains how this new ecosystem develops, which, for the moment, is unique in the mobile industry.

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