LG Wing, LG mobile with two rotating screens, will present on September 14

The Project’s first smartphone already has a name: it will be called LG Wing and will be presented next week. Does that contribute?

LG is one of the giant household appliance multinationals in the world. An actual-world reference in all markets where it participates. But there is one that especially resists him: mobiles.

It sells excellent smartphones, but with few exceptions, they do not become bestsellers. So LG is going to try something completely different. It already has an official name: LG Wing, the mobile with two rotating screens.

LG Wing is the first smartphone to be launched within what the Korean company calls in its press release Explorer Project, a revolutionary new “category of mobiles” that aims to “discover new ways of interacting with mobile devices, focusing on in the evolution and ever-changing needs of today’s consumers. “

The press release continues: “LG’s newest and boldest smartphone will offer a new and different form, and mobile experience would be impossible to create with conventional smartphones.”

LG proposes a two-screen mobile with at least one rotating screen, which rotates to provide a T-shaped form factor, as seen in the images.

And more poetically, in the shape of outstretched wings. We assume that’s where the name came from, LG Wing.

This new way of using mobile offers a few advantages. For example, it can be used vertically with one hand without losing the widescreen or using the keyboard while using the screen horizontally.

It is possible to see two different things simultaneously, one on each screen, for example, playing a video game while consulting the GPS, as seen in the opening photo. And surely LG can think of many other new uses.

As with LG Velvet, the Busan company seeks differentiation to find its niche in the smartphone market.

According to rumors, we know that the LG Wing will have a 5G connection, a triple camera with a 64 MP sensor, and a Snapdragon 7 processor to not raise the price.

LG Wing will be presented on September 14, and the presentation can be followed through its LG Mobile YouTube channel.

In addition to its flexible screens, reports about the Wing have indicated that the device will support 5G. Have a triple rear camera with a large 64-megapixel sensor, and it works with the Snapdragon 7-series processor.

The device will be the first to launch LG under its Explorer Project, a new mobile segment that the company aims to “discover new ways to communicate with mobile devices.

As well as customized user challenges,” adding that Wing will bring a new system. And form and experience. A different one that can’t be done with standard smartphones.”

According to ETNews, the Wing handset will use its second screen to perform multiple tasks. You can use the main display to view the image, for example, while leaving the second screen free to access the editing controls.

That sounds slightly different from the current LG dual-screen LG devices like the G8X and V60. However, it’s the second most helpful screen for using two other apps simultaneously.

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