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Samsung The Sero Review, Analysis, and Opinion

Samsung The Sero

The Best Unique and eye-catching designSound 4.1 – Dolby AtmosWithout HDMI 2.1No need support The Worst Screen qualityHDRAccess to connectorsPrice Heresy for many purists and a format to explore for trend hunters. The vertical video format is here to stay. The Sero is the first television that moves with ease …

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Huawei Matebook X Pro Review – Analysis And Opinion

huawei matebook x pro

The Best  Materials and weight Crisp, well-calibrated display Keyboard and touchpad Battery The Worst  Temperature Webcam quality Storage partition No SD card reader Huawei Matebook with a premium design, world-class hardware, and a keyboard designed for productivity are some of the ingredients of Huawei’s new recipe to position its ultrabook as a professional mobile laptop. We …

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Qualcomm’s Snapdragon 865 Plus is near, a more powerful version coming in July

snapdragon 865

In the month of July, Qualcomm is expected to present a new version of its latest processor for high-end devices. It will be the Snapdragon 865 Plus, a chip that will achieve higher power for the next phones that arrive in 2020. Everything indicates that Qualcomm will repeat its strategy …

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IBM abandons all facial recognition projects and calls to rethink its use

software facial recognition

IBM abandons its facial recognition projects after controversy over its use and biases that the technology uses. IBM has announced that it will stop developing and selling facial recognition software from now on. After all the problems detected in the technology, the utility that given. And the current context from …

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