5 reasons why the iPhone XS is the best iPhone in value for money of 2020

best iphone deals, xs max

Apple renews its iPhones every year, although due to the hazards of technology, it does not always have vital news to present. What always happens is that when one of their new phones arrives, the models of the previous year fall in price, as has occurred with the iPhone xs max before the arrival of the iPhone 11.

Precisely 2019 was one of those years in which the Californian brand had relatively few improvements to incorporate. The result is that the iPhone XS Max is considerably cheaper but still offers excellent benefits.

That makes it the best option to buy an iPhone in 2020 if you are willing to forgo one or two noticeable improvements in new mobiles, such as the Ultra Wide Angle. However, in general terms, you will surely be satisfied with your purchase.

Its equivalent, more than the iPhone 11 (a step behind in terms of screen, for example) is the 11 Pro, which costs almost much more. On Amazon, without going any further, the XS is for € 729, while the 11 Pro rises to € 1,159.

Besides the price, there are more reasons why the iPhone XS Max in 2020 is worth it, even above newer models if you look at the cost-benefit ratio it presents. Here are some of them.

Much cheaper than a year ago and much less expensive than the iPhone 11

As we anticipated, the iPhone XS has dropped a lot in price. When it hit the market, it was above € 1,000, but now you can buy it in our country for € 585 at the Spanish online store Costomóvil, which has gone the furthest in terms of sales.

It is practically half, with leading features such as the OLED screen. Amazon and other well-known stores have also applied juicy discounts without falling below € 600, at least not on new and sealed products.

This is a price list to buy the iPhone XS Max in some stores:
  •      64GB iPhone XS for € 585 in space gray at Costomóvil
  •      iPhone XS 64GB for € 585 in silver at Costomóvi
  •      64GB iPhone XS for € 585 in gold at Costomóvil
  •      iPhone XS 64GB for € 669 in space gray at MacNíficos
  •      64GB iPhone XS in space gray for € 729 at Amazon Spain
  •      64GB iPhone XS for € 745 in space gray in PC Components
  •      iPhone XS 256GB for € 779 in silver in Tuimeilibre
  •      256GB iPhone XS in space gray for € 819 on eBay

OLED Full HD + screen more than remarkable in 2020

best iphone deals,xs max

In the recent past, one of the novelties of the iPhone is the OLED screen, which is much better when it comes to reflecting the black color and more efficient in terms of energy use. The difference between it and the IPS LCD that equips the iPhone 11 is noticeable.

The size of the same on the iPhone XS is 5.8 “, and the resolution is Full HD +. In both ways, it equals the iPhone 11 Pro, so surely you will not notice the difference between one mobile and another.

It also includes on-screen fingerprint unlock and face unlock, two features in the Apple catalog for a couple of years, and I have not seen any news recently.

iPhone 11 improvements don’t leave the XS too far behind.

best iphone deals, xs max

If we review the technical characteristics of the iPhone XS and compare them with those of the iPhone 11 Pro, we will realize that the difference is not that great. The Apple A12 Bionic is transformed into A13 Bionic, but the screen is almost identical and has the exact dimensions.

Yes, there are specific differences at the camera level since, thanks to the A13, the new iPhone makes better night photos. However, considering that the XS is already good and especially the price difference concerning cost-benefit, it continues to win the XS.

It even has some premium details, such as fast or wireless charging. So you will not regret it if you decide to bet on it. One of the main novelties of the 2020 iPhone is the WiFi AX. A new standard is already beginning to be implemented for the next decade. It has gone unnoticed, and users tend to give it little importance. There are few routers compatible with it, although there are some.

For its part, the XS does not have AX, but it does have WiFi AC, which is more than enough. It also has an NFC chip to make mobile payments with Apple Pay. This brand has already included something on their phones for quite a few versions.

As for facial unlocking, it is Face ID, which is now considered the most secure of all available standards.

You can use iOS 13 without problems.

iOS 13 is now available, and you can try its news on any of the compatible iPhones. Including the iPhone XS, as mentioned earlier. Of course, remember that some stores may sell it without updating it. Although we recommend that it be the first thing you do as soon as you turn it on.

It incorporates performance, software, and efficiency improvements, improving battery life and the overall fluidity of the system. Here we share a list of the gains of iOS 13 concerning iOS 12, and they are not few.

In addition, if everything continues, the XS still has a cycle of updates ahead, at least until iOS 15.

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