13 iPhone Settings You Should Change Now

We are providing an awe-inspiring setting for apple phones. You can use these changes. These changes are outstanding and useful. These changes can improve your work time on iPhone, and medically some changes are right for you. You can do these changes easily by following our instructions, which given below. After activating this setting your phone to become in new technology. You can use this setting everywhere on the phone.

Try out Dark Mode

iphone settings you should change

It is one of the most important and useful settings on the iPhone. Most of the people did not know about the dark mode of the iPhone. These are brilliant settings on the iPhone. You can use your iPhone with high brightness in the approaching. In this way, it did not affect your eyes. You can use your iPhone in the dark in the night also in the day. This setting is only available in the iOS 13 version. Who has iOS 13 version iPhone? They can enable the dark mode of the iPhone.

  • First of all, go to the Settings
  • Now click on the Wallpaper
  • Now tap on the toggle
  • next to Dark Appearance
  • Now select this “Dims Wallpaper.”

Silence Unknown Callers

iphone settings you should change

Now, these days most of the hacker is trying to Robb, the people via calling them on their phone number. Therefore this setting is instrumental for them. When you enable this setting on your phone, then only those people can call you, which knows you or you know them. Therefore this is an instrumental and secure setting in the iPhone. You can enable this setting like this.

  • Settings
  • Phone
  • Call Silencing
  • Blocked Contacts

Limit ad tracking

iphone settings you should change

Most of the people are very serious in the case of privacy. They do too much privacy more than other peoples. If you have a considerable data collection, or if you have a type of work in which your data is fundamental in the iPhone, then you have to use this setting. This setting will help you to limit the information on your phone and put some privacy on your data. You can enable this setting like in the image is shown itself, which is given below in the picture.

Allow untrusted shortcuts

If you are not using the untrusted shortcuts or you don’t know about the untrusted alternatives of the iPhone. Then you should have to know about the untrusted shortcuts and use them. Because it is a beneficial thing on the iPhone because it removes the difficulties in the iPhone, and the experience of use of the iPhone becomes good to excellent. The procedure of this setting is straightforward. Just follow the instructions given below.

  • Settings
  • Shortcuts and
  • hitting the toggle
  • next to Allow Untrusted Shortcuts

Disable some multitasking features

iphone settings you should change

If your iPhone is performing very slow or I do not work correctly. Then you have to use this setting. This setting turns off the multitasking options. Because most of the people do not like the multitasking option because they wanted to do one work properly. Although some people are very like the multitasking option because they want to do many tasks on the iPhone at the same time, if you’re going to uncheck this setting, then just follow the instructions given below.

  • Settings
  • General
  • Multitasking & Dock
  • hitting the toggle next to it

Scrub your photos

Do you know you can tell your exact location to your friend with your image? The iPhone has a set of image locations called scrub your photos. When you share your vision with your friends, you can share your site on the image using this option. Therefore this is an instrumental and impressive setting. If you want to enable this setting, then just follow this.

  • go to the setting
  • Click on the options
  • You can see the include location option
  • just click on that to open it

Disable Optimized Battery Charging

The battery is the biggest thing in any smartphone in the world. Everyone wants the longest battery timing smartphone. If you’re using iPhone for a long time without charging it, then disable the optimized battery charging option. Because when the option is enabled, it works a lot on every feature; therefore, the usage of battery increased. When you turned off this option, the timing of the cell grew automatically.

  • Settings
  • Battery
  • Optimized Battery Charging

Switch back to mobile sites

In these settings, you can use your mobile as a desktop computer. Your mobile screen turns into a desktop. It provides you with the full-screen version. By using this option, you can work more efficiently and authentically. These options will help you a lot, and it is exceptionally very self. In iPadOS, Apple revamped the way that the iPad version of Safari treats webpages. Unlike its iOS 13 counterpart, iPadOS will automatically request the desktop versions of websites.

Disable the title text in Notes

If you have to download the iOS 13 version currently, then you must have to try this option. First of all, open the notes and create a new record and start typing. If your experience is like most of the reports we’ve seen, Notes will automatically register the first text you input as the note’s title. And this option is made in the iPhone iOS 13 Version as a default.

  • Go to the Settings
  • and click on the navigate to Notes.
  • Then, tap on New Notes
  • Start With and change it to body

Enable local storage

The iPhone has introduced a new feature in the iOS 13 version. You can store your file as locally as well as in the file manager. You can save your data locally. There is a handy feature for everyone.

  • Settings
  • Safari
  • Downloads

FaceTime Attention Correction And Turn on automatic updates

These both are old features, but they have something new. The something is new in these is graphics and automatically working for any task. You can use this for your efficiency.


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