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Apple’s radical solution to fix GPS and battery problems on iPhone and Apple Watch

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If you notice specific problems in the operation of your Apple Watch and the application on the iPhone. Apple recommends following a series of steps to recover the correct operation of apple watch and iPhone battery problems, but it is a bit drastic.

A few days ago, Apple launched its first update of iOS 14 and watchOS 7. We recommend not updating the devices immediately if the update gives a failure; it takes time to detect it before it affects our mobile or watch.

This is what has happened to a few users who, after the update, began to detect that their watches and mobiles did not correctly record data such as GPS. The problem seems to have affected all the brand’s watches. So the company itself has explained the failure in a statement.

“In most cases, users record a workout on their watch while leaving their ‌iPhone‌ at home. But when they later look at the Activity app, it only shows the starting point of the workout on the GPS map. And nothing else,” has indicated Manzana.

Other problems, such as iPhone battery problems like increased battery consumption, have also been reported. We leave you a list with the possible failures that you may suffer if you have updated the clock:

  • Workout routes are missing from the Fitness app on the ‌iPhone‌.
  • Activity, heart rate, or other health-related metrics won’t start or upload data to Apple Watch.
  • The Fitness application or the Health application cannot start or upload data to the ‌iPhone‌.
  • The Health or Fitness app reports an inaccurate amount of data storage on your ‌iPhone‌.
  • The Activity app reports an erroneous amount of data storage on the watch.

The ambient sound levels or the data for the Apple Watch headphones’ audio levels are missing from the Health app on iPhone‌.

Higher battery consumption on your ‌iPhone‌ or Apple Watch.

If you have noticed some of these problems, there are several solutions. Some users have indicated that it has been enough to re-pair both devices so that the failures will stop. However, the company proposes a somewhat more complex alternative in case there are no improvements in performance.

Apple suggests unpairing your Apple Watch, backing up the ‌iPhone‌ and watching, wiping both devices, and restoring from the backup. According to the company, the watch and the iphone will not lose your data but will eliminate the failure. The process is safe, and the remedy is not worse than the disease; you can follow the steps indicated by Apple in its support system.

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