iphone 12 mini

iPhone 12 Mini would have worse autonomy than the current iPhone 11 due to its small size

iphone 12 mini
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Tomorrow the iPhone 12 range of 2020 is presented but not before raising a dense dust cloud of rumors and speculation about its characteristics. The autonomy of the new models is one of the great unknowns.

The rumors intensified with only one day left before the expected presentation of the iPhone 12 range for 2020. This time they are related to the autonomy of the iPhone 12 Mini. One of the models most awaited by fans of the brand due to the compact size of its screen. That, according to the leaks, everything indicates that it will be only 5.4 inches.

For those people who are not up to date on iPhone talk, the iPhone 12 mini will be the smallest member of the iPhone 12 family, with a 5.4-inch OLED screen.

A new leak through the Twitter profile of Pine Leaks, a well-known Apple device leaker, talks about this model’s battery life. And it is said that it will have a worse battery than the iPhone 11.

As the tweeter assures, users of the new generation of iPhone would get about an hour more use with the iPhone 12 Pro and iPhone 12 Pro Max than current models, the iPhone 11 Pro and the iPhone 11 Pro. Max, but the non-use experience will not be the same for the family’s most compact model.

The iPhone 12 mini will be even more compact than the current 2020 iPhone SE. Thanks to its smaller 5.4-inch screen size. This model will inherently have a smaller battery than the rest of the models.

While not confirmed, this would mean that we cannot expect the 17 hours of video playback. Or the 10 hours of video streaming that current models offer.

It is estimated that this model will have a 2,227 mAh battery so that it would be between the current iPhone 11 and the iPhone XR. However, we all know that it is risky to risk terminal usage times just because of its battery size. Hardware optimization largely depends on it, and this is where Apple’s new A14 Bionic processors would be crucial.

The most significant contribution to the battery life of the iPhone 12 Mini would come from the A14 Bionic 5nm chipset. That was announced during the presentation of the iPad Air 4.

The first data from this processor suggests that it would improve expressive power by optimizing consumption. This would be the only hope. The iPhone 12 Mini does not become a nightmare in daily use.

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