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The iPhone 12 will tell you that you are connected to a 5G network even if you are not

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Apple has introduced a controversial change in the status bar of the iPhone 12 in which we will only be shown the most optimal connection. But not the current data connection.

Finally, Apple was able to present the new line of iPhone 12 with up to four high-quality devices. That will be released in a phased manner over the next few weeks in major markets around the world. And one of the characteristics of the new phones is that will support the new 5G connectivity.

As is usual in all our iPhone, we have a status bar at the top of the screen. That shows us the mobile network to which we are connected, the time, and the battery, among other things. That is to say, if, for example, we are in an area with little coverage instead of using 5G. Our terminal would lower the connection to 4G / 3G. Something that would appear in the status bar. Well, not so with the new iPhone.

Apple has included a controversial change in the status bar of the iPhone 12. And it is modifying how the bar behaves. From Theverge, they comment that Apple has introduced a new function called Smart Data Mode.

This function helps preserve the battery’s useful life. The iPhone 12 device could change intelligently or connectivity lower than 5G when the battery consumption is at very low levels so that the mobile does not turn off when performing some action. The problem is that in the status bar, we will not see this change, and although the iPhone 12 has opted for 4G connectivity at a specific time, we will continue to see 5G in the bar. That means that the status bar will not show us our current connection but the best connection to which the terminal can connect.

This is especially dangerous because we may be in an area with low coverage. We will continue to see 5G in the status bar, something that could invite the user, for example, to send an important file through their data connection and fail the process.

It seems that this is a change that is only present on 5G-enabled iPhone 12s, so you should not see any changes if your device does not support this technology.

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