Apple introduced iOS 14 beta and iPadOS 14, we explain how to install them

ios 14 beta

The beta of iOS 14 is now available for your iPhone, and the beta of ipadOS 14 is for your iPad. They arrive loaded with news, which we will review.

On June 22, Apple introduced iOS 14 beta and iPadOS 14, which became available to developers from that day. Just 15 days later, we already have the public beta available to all Apple users who want to try them. Or at least all those who do not have a vintage device, as Apple calls its mobile phones and tablets, no longer updated.

The iOS 14 beta is available for the iPhone 6s, iPhone 6s Plus, and higher models. Any mobile launched from 2015, in short. iPadOS 14 can be installed on any 2014 iPad Air 2 tablet or higher.

To try them, you must register on the Apple Betas Program website. You log in with your account, register your device, and create a profile to use the beta. Worth?

The truth is that this year’s update includes exciting news, which is already included in these betas.

If you decide to install them, back up all of your data before proceeding.

What’s new in iOS 14

iOS 14 releases an App Library, as seen on the upper screen, automatically groups each page of icons into thematic folders gathered on a single display. This makes it easier to access all of our apps.

Widgets have also been improved, and now they become floating widgets that can be freely dragged and positioned anywhere on the screen, even between icons.

With the new Picture in Picture function, Apple can finally keep a video, such as a chapter of a series we are watching or a video call, always in the foreground, even if we change the app or receive messages. And we can drag the video to the place on the screen we want. Even hide it in the frame, and take it out when we want to continue seeing it.

We also have new apps, Apple Translate, and a significant improvement to CarKey to control the car from your mobile.

  • Siri improves AI and can search for information on websites.
  • Maps launches improvements in the place finder, as well as routes for cyclists and routes to charging stations for electric vehicles, and travel guides
  • Safari can now automatically translate pages into seven languages. Apple claims that it is the fastest mobile browser.

If you have AirPods Pro with iOS 14, you can listen to surround sound that will adapt to your head’s position.

There is much other news, which you can check in the information of his presentation.

What’s New in iPadOS 14

One of the keys to this new iPad version is the compact model for apps such as phones, face time, Siri, or search engines. They no longer sit on the whole screen, but a small bar allows you to do one thing at a time.

ios 14 beta

Calls will be inaccessible, Apple explained. You can see the phone in a small notification and continue to use the iPad while talking:

One of the most critical issues is to restart the system search engine, which can now access the browser, messaging, and more. You can look at all content on the iPad or in apps or files.

Many of the most widely used apps, including Photos, Files, Notes, Calendar, and Apple Music, start with sidebars:

ios 14 beta

These bars allow you to navigate the app without losing content. They give access to all control of applications in one place.

The photo app includes the option to enhance the image and avoid overlooked photos. And create a new image selector when setting in apps.

Another good news is Write by Hand, a new app that converts handwriting into digital text. Even geometric shapes are developed with artificial intelligence. When drawing a free square, it detects and enhances the square to find the appropriate lines.

If you want to know more news about iPadOS 14, check out the announcement of its launch.

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