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Things to keep in mind before installing Windows 10 October 2020 Update if you don’t want to have problems

install windows 10 update
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We all fear Windows updates, but there are several practices you can take to prevent potential problems.

Windows’s bad reputation with its updates is more than known. And based on the negative experiences that many users used to suffer. Periodic updates, others that correct errors caused by previous updates, blue screens. And security flaws. If you read this, you will know what we are talking about.

This month we have the latest Windows update. And some feel a slight fear about installing windows 10 update. With confinement and teleworking, the importance of computers in our lives has multiplied. And no one wants to waste a few hours updating, or worse still, important information.

With the idea of helping you avoid problems, we have pointed out a series of tips. That you can follow to prepare to install the windows 10 update.

Decide when to install it

This is not a massive update size, but you may not want to lose a bit of work. Because Windows forces you to update or that you find it when you turn on your computer in the morning.

You can go to Windows Update and check if you already have the update ready and install it at the time that suits you.

Delay or pause the updates

But in Windows Update, it is also possible to configure if you want to pause the updates for a few days or delay them. It is always better to update your computer on the weekend or when you do not have a large volume of work, right?

Disable registry cleaners updates

You do not need to have any registry cleaner running with Windows 10. In case you are using it, you may want to disable it until you have the update installed.

Write down the driver versions

If you have essential drivers or drivers that tend to give errors with updates. It is advisable to write down the current versions if you want to return to them at any time. Or experience conflicts.

The most recent cumulative update

Finally, to avoid problems, check that you have the August cumulative update on your Windows at most. If not, try to install it so that it is not too big of a jump that causes problems. Go to Settings / System and About. You must have build 19041.450 at most.

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