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Optional Windows 10 Update causes Installation Crashes and Errors

install optional updates windows 10

We had spent a few months somewhat calm with the Windows updates. But it seems that the errors return for their privileges. And it would help if you did not upgrade to Windows 10 KB4535996 since it brings an annoying mistake that causes crashes. In this article, we will discuss whether to install optional updates to windows ten or not.

2018 was not a good year for Windows 10 users who wanted to have their equipment updated. The two major annual updates failed, and more or less severe errors were found in many of the more minor updates.

In 2019, Microsoft tried to be more careful with this and installed optional updates to windows 10; it still brings crashes and installation errors. Now, after a time when we have not had much news of this type. We find a new update, the Windows 10 KB4535996, which fails.

In this case, the good news is that it is an optional update, so it has to be installed manually. And it is not one that will be installed when we turn off the PC, although we have the PC configured as such.

The error it gives us is precise when installing this update for Windows 10. And one of the problems it provides is that it is not fit for unknown reasons. Resulting in errors 0x800f0922 and 0x80070003.

As we read in Windowslatest, other users have been able to install the update. Still, at a time during the process, the PC restarts and indicates that the update could not complete. We are entering a ship that has no cause, according to the solver Problems.

It seems that these have been the most frequent errors. But other users have experienced random system freezes and other performance problems after the update.

That is the classic patch before the update on Tuesday. And if you have managed to install it and it has gone wrong, you can always go back.

To uninstall these optional updates, you must do the following:

  • Go to settings and, there, to the “Update and security” tab.
  • Once it did, we went to “Windows Update” and “View update history.”
  • Next, we look for the Windows 10 update KB4535996 and uninstall it.

Suppose you had not to install optional updates to windows 10, as it is manual; you do not have to do until the fixes of the patch this Tuesday are delivered.

Windows 10 will require more hard disk space only for new computers.

With the May update of Windows 10, the requirements on the minimum capacity that a hard disk should have to perform this update were renewed. Now Microsoft wants to clarify this small change.

And it is that, unlike what was initially said, the May update is not requiring that the computers have higher total storage capacity. Moreover, this new requirement is only valid for new machines, not existing ones.

Before the May update of Windows 10 arrived, Microsoft updated a support document. This version would raise the required storage capacity to 32GB for Windows 10 32-bit and 64-bit computers.

install optional updates windows 10

Microsoft has clarified this support document by pointing out that this minimum storage requirement for the May update of Windows 10 does not apply to computers already on the market. But to those that manufactured as of now. Therefore, all current Windows 10 users with less than 32 GB of total storage capacity could install this May update without any problem.

It is directly related to the so-called reserved storage, approximately 7GB, which Microsoft saves for future updates. This silent storage does not apply to existing computers, only to future ones.

In this way, all computer manufacturers must install Windows 10 with a minimum total storage space of 32 GB. So those computers with less than that capacity can no longer be sold.

Also, Microsoft has clarified that as of this May update, if the computer does not work correctly. If any driver is incompatible, the operating system will automatically go back and not apply the installation.

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