How to install Google Applications to a Huawei smartphone

install google apps

Huawei launched the AppSearch named application that downloads and installs the most common google apps without using the Play Store of Google.

Last year in 2019, Huawei was blacklisted for its alleged activities in the USA that put national security at risk. So, the Asian technology giant lost the opportunity to use Google services, for example, Google maps, app store & Gmail, after Google postponed some business with the company.

Meanwhile, new Huawei devices launched on the market without the standard Google services. And those that are not brand models of the already certified existing devices. Huawei launched its app store, AppGallery. But most Android apps are distributed through the Google Play Store, which is not yet available on AppGallery. To make it easier for users to install google apps without downloading additional app stores. Huawei develops its new app, called AppSearch, reports XDA-Developers.

It’s intended to help users install google apps on Huawei smartphones.


Do you think it’s replacing Google? It is ultimately Huawei’s new standalone app service
AppSearch presents an easy way to find popular apps for a user, like WhatsApp messenger, Facebook App, Instagram, Twitter, and Telegram. And much more, all in one place. You can download or install them manually. The Huawei app offers direct installation through 3rd-party app stores, Amazon AppStore, APKPure, or apkmonk. The app is currently being tested in Germany.

Huawei Mate 30 Pro

Here we go adding the example of a mate series of Huawei is no longer a mystery. Finally, a few months after its launch, Huawei decided to surprise its Peruvian users with the official launch of the Mate 30 Pro. The same can be purchased from its store with an offer you would like. Although the device that arrives in our country is the same as presented in Europe in September 2019. It means that it will also come without Google services. There is no YouTube, Google Home, Google Play, Gmail, or Google Drive.

Suppose you consider buying the Huawei Mate 30 Pro for the next few days. The first thing you should do when turning on the device is installed all the Mountain View company applications. It should note that the terminal arrives with Android 10, only that Google services have not been placed natively. So we will teach you how to install google apps without any problem.

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