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Instagram already has its TikTok clone ready


As news about the possible blockade in the United States of the Chinese social network TikTok begins to arrive, Instagram is close to launching a similar application.

The competition has taken good note of the TikTok success formula, and it already has its own version close at hand.
In the last year & a half, this Chinese social network has continued to increase in followers despite the confusion it initially caused and its clear orientation towards the youngest, not even with the controversies surrounding it. Now, Instagram will have your own TikTok.

Under Reels, the Instagram function will arrive, allowing the recording and editing of short video clips up to 20 seconds. This will have an extensive musical background and innumerable filters. In addition to being searched, this can be taken from the videos that are seen. It is already used in India and Brazil, Facebook’s usual testing areas. Let’s remember that it was in Brazil where she tried her payments by WhatsApp.

Reels will launch worldwide in early August in a few weeks. According to NBC, it will hit 50 countries next month. But will it achieve its audience niche?

This blockade has already occurred in India. Suppose the application stops working in the United States and many other countries. It would open up an excellent opportunity for Instagram. This social network has undoubtedly been affected by the growth of Chinese competition.

As for the replica of the TikTok functions, Instagram already has a purchase history or copy of other people’s features. As happened with Snapchat. The Verge, they remember that their stories come from there. And that they were also the reasons they managed to succeed.

In any case, Reels is no longer a rumor or a distant plan but will be released in a few days and available to all Instagram users. We will see if it succeeds or if TikTok is blocked. In these times, it is challenging to hit forecasts, and everything can change from one day to the next.

Instagram, a booming social network

Currently, Instagram is positioned as one of the most used and best-valued by the public. According to the IAB Europe Annual Social Media Study 2019, Instagram is the fourth most-used social network in Europe. Behind WhatsApp, Facebook, and YouTube. And it is the one that has most increased its user base in European countries. Since 2018 with a growth of 49% compared to last year.

In addition, with an average score of 7.8 points. It is the third best-rated social network in Spain after WhatsApp and YouTube. 70% of users use it daily, and it is the one that has increased the frequency of visits. Ahead even from WhatsApp.

If we focus on influencers’ figures, Instagram is the second social network users use to follow these public figures behind Facebook. Regarding the 2018 report, the follow-up to influencers on Instagram has grown by 35%. And stands out among users in the age bracket from 16 to 45 years.

From brands for marketing professionals, Instagram is the preferred social network. It occupies the first position in the knowledge rankings (89%) and uses (71%) of these experts. And leads to a vast difference in hiring services from influencers by brands.

For all above, this is not surprising that more and more people aspire to become influencers. And try to increase their followers at all costs to earn a living on Instagram. On the other hand, celebrities, companies, and politicians also often resort to practices to acquire followers quickly. But, as we will explain, not everything goes, and buying followers on Instagram is not recommended.

While the number of account followers is significant, it is not the only sign when the profile is updated on Instagram. Other details allow us to determine the actual impact of an account’s publication. Such as the number of book likes or comments found on a post. Considering these statistics globally, it is possible to calculate engagement. That is the level of loyalty, commitment, or meeting of the account fans.

Hundreds of web pages on the world wide web allow you to buy followers on Instagram for the lowest price. By paying less than $ 10, you can easily reach 1,000 followers in just a few hours. The problem with this practice is that these accounts do not have standard functions. But instead, profiles used only for this purpose will not give you popularity or leave comments as regular users do.

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