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Artificial intelligence to improve your day: This is the HUAWEI Assistant

The HUAWEI Assistant powered by Artificial Intelligence is the easiest way to access the information you need, when you need it, and just by sliding your finger to the right from the main screen of your HUAWEI smartphone.

Do you have to stop thinking about how much information you use daily, almost without realizing it? You write an email, and don’t forget to attach the document you need; It might be okay to post yesterday’s dinner photo on social media …

Now you can have all that information at hand by simply sliding the main screen of your HUAWEI mobile or tablet. Thanks to the integration of artificial intelligence provided by the HUAWEI Assistant.

This assistant learns all your routines to show you the information you need at all times. Do you want to know how to start using the HUAWEI Assistant? We tell you

Install or activate the HUAWEI Assistant on your device

The HUAWEI Assistant came alongside the HUAWEI Mate 30. Its success has been such that HUAWEI has already implemented it on other models of Huawei smartphone. That has the EMUI 10.0 or later operating system installed as the new P40 series mobiles.

That is, if your smartphone or tablet already uses this operating system. It is very likely that you already have it installed. And you only need to activate it.

The good news is that devices with EMUI 9.0 or later will now be able to use it, too. This includes older series like the P20, P30, and the entire Mate 20 series.

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Devices running on the EMUI 9.0 operating system only need to download the wizard installation file from this HUAWEI page. And install it on your smartphone to start enjoying the HUAWEI efficiency wizard services.

After installing the HUAWEI Assistant APK file on the device, you just have to activate it. This step extends to all devices with the factory-installed EMUI 10.0 operating system.

To activate the HUAWEI Assistant, go to the Settings menu and enter the Main screen and wallpaper section. In this section, tap on the Settings option on the main screen, and you will find the HUAWEI Assistant option.

Tap on it to activate the HUAWEI Assistant, which will occupy a space to the right of your device’s main screen.

The HUAWEI Assistant is activated by sliding the Start screen of your HUAWEI device to the right. And in it, you will find a lot of relevant information.

In addition to winning in comfort, the HUAWEI Assistant also allows you to win prizes like a great HUAWEI P40 Pro. By being one of the first users of this service and sharing your opinions with HUAWEI.

How does it work?

The HUAWEI Assistant uses artificial intelligence to select all the relevant information on your device. And displays it in a segmented way in this section taking into account your habits and preferences.

This artificial intelligence is learning from your usage habits to change the information. It shows you, depending on whether you have a scheduled trip or a meeting. Or if your team plays an important game.

All this information is displayed clearly and segmented into different sections so that, with a single glance, you can see the flight number.

The match’s start time or its result, reminders, appointments on your plan, etc. In short, and as its name suggests, the HUAWEI Assistant has arrived to make your life much more comfortable.

“All the advances in Artificial Intelligence that we carry out focus on the consumer as the ultimate goal. It is about the entire ecosystem of products.

And all the services we can offer are focused on providing the best possible user experience.

But also to develop functions and facilities that we cannot yet imagine”. Explained Jaime Gonzalo, VP of HUAWEI Mobile Services Europe.

The HUAWEI Assistant groups different utilities with which the use of your device is streamlined.

For example, if you need a contact’s phone number, find a specific document, or the name of a restaurant in your city, use the global search bar integrated into the HUAWEI Assistant.

This powerful tool allows you to find files or information. Both locally and directly from the Internet without having to open the browser.

The HUAWEI Assistant also makes it easier for you to access the applications instantly you use the most by grouping them in this panel. With just one touch, you can access all the content you need at any time: photos, music, notes, create new contacts, etc.

It includes a news feed on the topics that interest you most. Always keep you up-to-date with constant content updates on sports, politics, society, culture, technology, and much more. What are you waiting to try it?

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