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HP Omen Gaming Desktop PCs With The Most Potent Configurations From Intel, Nvidia, And AMD

hp omen gaming desktop

In the absence of formal events, right are the online presentations. Companies have to continue “normal life” when it comes to presenting their new products.

And the latest has been HP introducing the renewed Omen family. We do not have laptops this time, but two high-end hp omen gaming desktops, the HP Omen 25L and HP Omen 30L.

HP changed its PC policy a few years ago. When he took over the Omen brand, he understood better what tabletop players were looking for. And so began building more customizable towers than before.

Now, the company presents its new 27i Gaming check. And is the most customizable desktop computer to date and the most powerful. These are the HP Omen 25L Desktop and Omen 30L Desktop:

Omen 25L and 35L


  • Up to Intel’s 10th Gen i9K
  • Up to AMD 3rd Gen Ryzen 9


  • Up to RTX 2080 Ti
  • Up to AMD Radeon RX 5700 XT

RAM Memory: Up to 64 GB DDR4 at 3,200 MHz

Storage: Up to 2TB WD-Black M.2 PCIe

RAID0 configuration option

  • Dissipation Option for liquid or air dissipation
  • Front 120mm RGB fan only in 30L
  • Wi-Fi 6 wireless connection

Power supply: Up to 750W Cooler Master 80 Plus Platinum

If we go to the configuration options, we have two Desktop and three in practice. That can configure with most of both Intel and AMD.

It is good news that we no longer only have the option of the Intel-Nvidia pairing. And AMD has managed to put the little leg on the market again.

Thus, we can make an HP omen gaming desktop with processors up to i9-10900K of 10 cores with frequencies up to 5.3 GHz. Or an AMD Ryzen up to 9 3900 with 12 centers and the most rate of 4.3 GHz.

Besides graphics up to Nvidia’s RTX 2080 Ti, with real-time ray tracing, we can choose AMD’s RX 5700 XT.

Something that HP confirmed in the presentation of the new equipment. We can have an Intel + GPU AMD or an AMD + GPU Nvidia without any problem. We will not limit in choice of the desired combination of Intel, Nvidia, and AMD.

hp omen gaming desktop
The Omen 25L Desktop is the most basic and features the RGB LED logo on the front and a brushed aluminum texture. It does not have a transparent side door since that is something reserved for another of the 25L and 30L models.
The 25L Desktop with an open side door has internal RGB lighting, and the 30L Desktop does. Also, this interior RGB lighting has a front fan with RGB lighting behind a tempered glass front.

Dissipation was significant to the new Omen, so they made some changes. They have raised the equipment somewhat with 15-millimeter rubber feet to let more fresh air flow. Also, they have separated the GPU from the power supply.

HP Omen 35L

In previous-generation Omen, there was little space between these two components. They are two of the most heated on a PC. So it was not something that benefited either the graphics or the font. There is no more room for indoor air to circulate.

HP Omen 25L and 30L Desktop launch and pricing

As we see, HP gives us the tools to create compelling and customizable “brand” equipment. The launch of these towers begins today in the HP store.

About the price of the Omen 25L Desktop and 30L Desktop. It starts at $ 899.99 for the 25L and $ 1,199.99 for the 30L.

Renovated Omen Command Center with local streaming

Also, HP has shown the new version of the Omen Command Center to hardware. As the name suggests, it is HP’s control center for your computers.

That, until now, made more sense on laptops than on desktops. With the new Omen Command Center, we can check our equipment’s parameters. But also overclock, and control the fans. Stream what we run on the PC to the mobile and control both internal and external RGB lighting.

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