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How to Use Instagram on Apple Watch

Staying connected with your friends and family on Instagram can be more convenient than ever thanks to Apple Watch! With our simple step-by-step guide, you can learn how to use the app on your watch, share photos and stories, and keep up with notifications.

Install Instagram on Your Apple Watch

Getting started is easy with this guide! To be able to access and use Instagram on your Apple Watch, you’ll first need to make sure that the app is installed. To do this, open the App Store on your iPhone, search for ‘Instagram’ and then select ‘Get’. After installing, the app will now appear in your list of available apps on your watch.

Sign In to Your Instagram Account from the Watch Application

Once you’ve installed the Instagram app, open it from the list of apps on your watch. From here, sign in with your username and password (or use Face ID if it’s enabled). After logging in for the first time, Instagram will give you a brief tutorial to help you navigate the platform. You can now start exploring through posts from friends and view stories from around the world.

View Photos and Upload Stories from the Apple Watch App

With the Instagram app, you can check out recent posts and stories from your friends or pages you follow. To view a post, tap on it and swipe left to browse through. You can also share posts right from your watch as well by tapping “Share” at the bottom of the post. If you want to create your own story, tap on the camera icon, and select a photo or video from your Camera Roll. Add any fun stickers or filters, then hit “Post” to share it with all your followers!

Share Content With Friends on Instagram with the Apple Watch App

When you come across an interesting post or story on Instagram, you can share it with your friends using the Apple Watch app. Tap “Share” at the bottom of the post and you’ll have the option to either share with another user or send it in a group chat. You can also add a comment so your friends will know what you thought of the content!

Customize Some of Your Instagram Preferences From the Application

If you’re already an avid Instagram user, but would like to change a few details from your Apple Watch app, there’s some good news for you. You can customize some of your profile preferences and settings, such as notification sound, and display photo size (if available). And who is allowed to like or comment on your photos from within the Instagram app on the Apple Watch.

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