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How to Show Hidden Files in macOS X

In macOS Mojave, there are some new features that you may not know about. Find out how to use those features and what they are! macOS Mojave has many new features, but there are also some changes in how things work. Here are some of the most useful ones for beginners.

The Finder has been redesigned with tabs.

You can now access files by using the “Go To Folder” command in the Finder window. This feature allows you to quickly navigate to any folder on your computer. It works just as well as the old method of opening folders directly through the File menu.

Now, you can see hidden folders and files.

If you’re looking for something that isn’t visible in the Finder window, try searching for it with Spotlight. Click the magnifying glass icon at the top right corner of the screen and type in the name of the file or folder you’re trying to find.

There’s a new search feature.

You might have noticed that when you open up the Finder window, there’s an option to show hidden files. This feature allows you to see hidden folders and files that aren’t normally accessible by default. To enable this feature, click View > Show Hidden Files.

And more…

There are also other ways to access these hidden files. If you right-click on any file or folder, you will see a menu with options to “Show Package Contents” or “Get Info.” These options allow you to view the contents of the file or folder.

There’s a new feature called “Quick Look.”

Quick Look allows you to quickly preview documents without opening them. You can even open multiple documents at once by holding down the Option key while clicking on them. This feature was first introduced in OS X El Capitan. It works just as well in macOS Mojave.

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