How to Set Up a VPN on Your iPhone

A VPN, or Virtual Private Network, is a service that allows you to connect to the internet securely and anonymously. A VPN can protect online privacy, bypass censorship, and access geo-restricted content. This article will show you how to set up a VPN on your iPhone using the built-in VPN feature & settings or a third-party app.

Using the Built-in VPN Feature

Your iPhone has a built-in VPN feature that lets you configure a VPN connection manually. To use this feature, you will need the following information from your VPN provider or network administrator:

  • VPN type: This is your VPN’s protocol to encrypt your traffic. The most common types are IKEv2, IPSec, and L2TP.
  • VPN server: This is the address of the VPN server you want to connect to.
  • Remote ID: This is an identifier for the VPN server, such as a domain name or an IP address.
  • Authentication: This is how you prove your identity to the VPN server. You may need a username and password, a certificate, or a pre-shared key.

Once you have this information, follow these steps to set up a VPN on your iPhone:

  1. Open the Settings app on your iPhone and tap General.
  2. Scroll down and tap VPN & Device Management.
  3. Tap VPN and then tap Add VPN Configuration.
  4. Tap Type and choose your VPN type from the list.
  5. Enter your VPN settings in the fields provided. Ensure you enter the exact information your VPN provider or network administrator gave you.
  6. Tap Done to save your VPN configuration.
  7. To connect to the VPN, return to the VPN screen and slide the VPN switch to the right.

Using a Third-Party VPN App

iphone vpn settings
iphone vpn settings

Another way to set up a VPN on your iPhone is to use a third-party VPN app from the App Store. Many VPN apps are available, each with different features, prices, and performance. Some of the popular VPN apps are:

To use a third-party VPN app, you must download and install the app from the App Store. Then, you will need to follow the instructions in the app to create an account, choose a server, and connect to the VPN. You may also need to install a configuration profile on your iPhone to enable the VPN connection.

To install a configuration profile, follow these steps:

  1. Open the VPN app and tap the settings icon or menu.
  2. Tap Install Profile or a similar option.
  3. You will be redirected to the Settings app. Tap Install and enter your passcode if prompted.
  4. Tap Install again to confirm. You may see a warning message that the profile will change your settings. Tap Install to proceed.
  5. Tap Done to finish installing the profile.

To connect, open the VPN app and tap the connect button. You will see a VPN icon in the status bar when connected.


Setting up a VPN on your iPhone can help you enhance your online security and privacy and access content that may be blocked in your region. You can use the built-in VPN feature or a third-party VPN app to configure a VPN connection on your iPhone. However, before you choose a VPN service, research and compare the features, prices, and reviews of different VPN providers. You should also read the VPN service’s privacy policy and terms of service to understand how they handle your data and traffic. A VPN can be a helpful tool, but it is not a magic bullet that can protect you from all online threats. It would be best always to use caution and common sense when browsing the web, especially on public Wi-Fi networks. Stay safe and happy surfing!

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