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How To Safely Use Torrents in 2023

Torrents is a popular way of sharing files over the internet, but it also comes with some risks. Torrents involves downloading and uploading files through a peer-to-peer (P2P) network, where users connect directly to each other without a central server.

That means anyone can see your IP address, revealing your location and identity. Moreover, some torrent files may contain malware, viruses, or illegal content that can harm your device or get you in trouble with the law.

What are torrents?

Torrents are small computer programs allowing users to download large files and data over the internet freely. There are two sorts of data torrents that torrents may utilize to get access to information:

Ebooks, software, and other computer data Ebooks, movies, and other media files

Today’s torrenting programs allow users to download files fast while streaming their downloaded content.

Why should you use torrents?

While many people still use torrent programs illegally, they also can be used for legitimate purposes. For example, antivirus companies that want to test products on a large scale can distribute their software via torrents.

That allows people in different parts of the world to receive the new software and try it for bugs simultaneously. For business owners, this is a necessary form of marketing.

Tips for using Torrents safely

Fortunately, there are some steps you can take to torrent safely and anonymously in 2023. Here are some tips and tricks for secure torrenting:

1. Use a VPN

To ensure an optimal torrenting experience, it is imperative that you select a VPN that comes equipped with the necessary features.

A VPN encrypts and reroutes your internet traffic through a remote server, hiding your IP address and ensuring that third parties cannot monitor your online activity.

That enhances your privacy and allows you to bypass geo-restrictions and access blocked torrent sites.

Therefore, it is important that you carefully scrutinize VPNs before choosing one that is suitable for your torrenting needs.

  • An internet connection can lead to data leaks if disconnected, but fear not! A VPN kill switch will automatically stop it for you.
  • A strict no-logs policy that ensures the VPN does not keep any records of your online activity or personal information.
  • Fast and reliable speeds allow you to download and upload files quickly and smoothly.
  • A large network of servers in different countries that support P2P traffic.
  • Strong encryption and security protocols that protect your data from hackers and snoopers.
  • An interface and customer support make the VPN easy to use and troubleshoot.

Some of the best VPNs for torrenting in 2023 are NordVPN, Surfshark, and ExpressVPN. They all offer these features and more and have a 30-day money-back guarantee.

2. Find a Reliable Torrent Website

Choosing a safe website is important to avoid potential security risks when downloading or uploading files through torrents.

Torrent sites host small files containing information about the larger files, so using a trusted one is essential. Choose a safe torrent site. A torrent website is the perfect place to find torrent files that contain all the information you need about the larger files you want to download or upload.

However, not all torrent sites are safe to use. Some may contain malware-infected files, spammy ads, or fake torrents that waste your time and bandwidth.

To avoid these risks, you need to choose a safe torrent site that has the following characteristics:

  • A large and active community of users that provide feedback and ratings on the torrents.
  • A verification system that marks the torrents as safe or unsafe based on their quality and content.
  • A search engine lets you filter torrents by category, size, date, seeders, leechers, etc.
  • A minimal amount of ads that do not interfere with your browsing experience or pose any security threats.

Some of the best torrent sites in 2023 are RARBG, 1337x, and The Pirate Bay. They all offer these features and more, but they may be blocked in some countries due to legal issues. In that case, you can use a VPN to access them.

3. Use Reliable Torrent Client

Using a dependable torrent client is crucial. The program allows you to transfer files via the BitTorrent protocol, downloading and uploading.

However, not all torrent clients are safe to use. Some may contain malware, spyware, or adware that can compromise your device or privacy. To avoid these risks, you need to use a reputable torrent client that has the following features:

  • Managing your torrents has always been challenging with a clean and straightforward interface. It’s designed to be user-friendly and intuitive, ensuring you can easily navigate and manage your torrents.
  • A built-in antivirus or malware scanner that checks the torrents before you download them.
  • A bandwidth control option that lets you adjust the speed and priority of your torrents.
  • A seeding option that lets you share the files with other users after you download them.
  • Compatibility with various operating systems and devices.

Some of the best torrent clients in 2023 are qBittorrent, uTorrent, and [BitTorrent]. They all offer these features and more, but they may have different settings and preferences that you need to customize according to your needs.

4. Read the Terms before Downloading

Before downloading anything from a torrent, you must understand what you’re getting yourself. When you download a torrent, you must accept that the file’s creator is not liable for any damages your computer might experience.

If you’re using a torrent website to access popular movies or music files, ensuring they are safe and virus-free is essential.

As stated before, many fake torrent sites and downloads out there with malicious software are waiting to infect your computer.

Ensure the website is legitimate by using a place that has been around since its inception or visiting the company’s official site associated with the file.

5. Get Good Antivirus Software

Scan the downloaded file before opening it. Even if you check the torrent file before downloading it, you still need to scan the downloaded file before opening it.

That is because some malware or viruses may escape the detection of your torrent client or site and infect your device.

Before opening the downloaded file, scan the file. You need to use a reliable antivirus or anti-malware program that has the following features:

  • A real-time protection that monitors your device and alerts you of any threats.
  • A regular update that keeps your program updated with the latest virus updates and security patches.
  • A comprehensive scan that checks your device for any malware or viruses and removes them.
  • A quarantine option that isolates any suspicious or infected files and prevents them from harming your device.

Some of the best antivirus or anti-malware programs in 2023 are [Bitdefender], [Norton], and [Malwarebytes].

They all offer these features and more, but they may have different plans and prices that you need to compare before choosing one.

6. Keep Seeding P2P Files

Seeding torrents is what allows your download to continue. Without it, you will have no way of downloading your file. If you seed the file and provide a good seed on a reliable website, other people can download the same file you’re downloading.

If this is done on a reliable website, people can still find their files online and download them successfully, even if they’re offline or even if the original seeder has left the site.

However, if you fail to seed your torrent, it can automatically delete your file and ban you from using their website again.


Torrenting is a great way of sharing files over the internet, but it comes with some risks.

To torrent safely and anonymously in 2023, you need to use a VPN, choose a safe torrent site, use a reputable torrent client, check the torrent file before downloading it, and scan the downloaded file before opening it.

Following these tips, you can enjoy torrenting without compromising your device or privacy.

Happy torrenting!

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