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Find The IP address of your Computer

The IP of your device allows you to identify it within a network. Therefore, it will be necessary to know it to make specific network configurations and allow other equipment and services to connect with your computer. Below we show you how to understand the IP on all your devices. The IP address is a unique and identifying number assigned to your device to recognize it unequivocally when it connects to a network. Something like the registration of your car or your ID. Knowing it is essential and will allow you things like accessing content from others blocked by geographical areas from your mobile.

Public IP & private IP there are two types.

Before starting, you must differentiate which of them you want to know.
The private IP is used by each computer within your local network and allows you to identify the different machines that connect to it. As a general rule, when you connect your device to a router,
A private IP for that network should be assigned to which you linked.

The public IP, on the other hand, is shown to the rest of the devices. That is outside the network. In this case, all the devices connected to the same router share the same public IP since it is the router that performs the entry/exit functions. Therefore, the IP shown to web pages and other Internet services is not your computer’s private IP. But your router’s public IP address acts as a gateway to the Internet.

You can know what your public IP is by visiting this link. If you write it down, you will verify that it has little to do with your computer’s private IP.

IP of a Windows computer, how could we know

You can obtain the private IP address of your Windows computer in several ways.

The most graphic and simple one is by right-clicking on the Networks icon in the System Tray, next to the Windows clock, and choosing the Open Network and Sharing Center option.

Then, click on the Change adapter settings link.

Please select the network card which you are using & right-click on it. Then choose the Status option.

Then a box appears showing the status of the chosen connection. Click on the Details button and look for the IPv4 Address line. The series of digits on the right is the private IP address of that device.

Another alternative is to find IP in Windows.

For this, press the Windows + R key combination and type the command cmd.exe. Then the Windows terminal starts.

Then type the “ipconfig” command. As a result, it will show you a list of the data of the network connection.

Locate the network card you are using in the list and look at the IPv4 Address entry that will indicate the IP assigned to that device.
Find the IP address on your Mac.

If you use an Apple computer, finding your computer’s private IP address is quite simplified.

As in Windows, there are several ways to know that IP address, one of the simplest is to access System Preferences and click on the Network option.

Below is the Network box.

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In the side panel, select the connection you are currently using. And in the Status section of the central box, it indicates the status of the relationship and the IP address you are using.

how to find ip address linux

Besides, it is specified in the IP Address entry.

How to find IP address Linux

As with its counterparts, there are several methods to find the IP address of your computer on a Linux system.

For less experienced users, it will be easier and more intuitive to do it through its graphical interface.

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For example, to find the private IP address of your computer from Linux or Ubuntu. Right-click on the Network Connection icon in the upper panel and choose the Connection Information option.

In the box that appears in the IPv4 section. You will find detailed information about the network you are currently using. Among this information, you will find the IP address of your computer.

An alternative method to know your IP in Ubuntu. Another simple way to understand your computer’s IP address is to do it through the Linux Terminal. To do this, you need to type a simple command. Start a Terminal on your Ubuntu. You can do it by simultaneously pressing the essential combination Control + Alt + T. Then, a Terminal will start. Now, type the “ifconfig” command, and your network connections information will appear. Find the connection you are currently using and locate the Direc parameter. In: It specifies the IP address assigned to your device on that network.

What is the IP address of my iPad? Mobile devices. Like any equipment that connects to a network, they assign an IP address within that network. Knowing that IP address on an iPhone or iPad is straightforward. Start by accessing Settings and select the connection option in the Settings side panel.

If, for example, you are using a Wi-Fi network and want to know what your IP is within that network, tap on the Wi-Fi option. Now, in the center box, tap on the Wi-Fi network to which you are connected to show you the details. Click on the DHCP tab, and the IP address assigned to your device will be shown in the first list position.

Where to find the IP address of my Android

On Android systems, it is also possible to know the IP address a device is using. Although doing so is not as simple as you have already seen on Apple devices.

Access the Settings menu and tap on the Wi-Fi option. Then, display the Options menu by clicking on the icon with the three dots in the upper corner. This icon may vary depending on the version of Android used or if your device has an Options touch button. And choose the Settings entry advanced.

At the end of the Wi-Fi Advanced Settings menu. You will find the information about the IP address of your Android device.

Alternative to find the IP address of my Android

Another alternative is to obtain the IP address your Android device is using on a network. Although it is a little more hidden than the one we have already told you about.

Access the Settings menu of your Android and tap on the Wi-Fi option. Then, long press on the Wi-Fi network to which you are connected, and a list of configuration options will appear. Tap on the Modify network option.

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