How to Easily Change Samsung Watch Bands at Home

Is your Samsung watch feeling a bit dull? With our guide, you can learn how to quickly and easily change the watch bands of your device to give it a completely new look!

Follow our step-by-step instructions and in no time your watch will be sparkling with a fresh new style.

Gather the Necessary Materials

Before you begin, ensure you have all the materials needed to complete the task. You’ll need a replacement watch band, a proper watch tool (which typically includes 2 rods and 3 pins), and a soft cloth.

If you don’t have watch tool kits available at home, they can be purchased online or in-store at many retailers. Once gathered, put your Samsung onto the soft cloth so that it’s held firmly in place for the procedure.

Remove the Old Band

Start by flipping the smartwatch so that the back is visible. Locate and push in the pin to move it toward you until it’s fully released from its original notch.

Once done, carefully remove the old band from your Samsung watch by slowly sliding one end off at a time.

Finally, remove both pins from the old band and set them aside for use with your new one.

Attach the New Band to Your Watch Face

Now that the old band is ready to be replaced, it’s time to attach your new one. First, slide one end of the new replacement band into the groove located on your watch face until it snaps into place.

Then, press the corresponding pin into its notch on the other side of your watch face. If needed, you can use an awl or pointed object to ensure a secure fit.

After both pins are firmly in place, your new Samsung watch band will be securely fitted onto your smartwatch and ready for use!

Adjust the Clasp to Ensure a Secure Fit

Once the band has been attached, it’s important to ensure that the clasp is properly adjusted.

After fitting the watchband onto your wrist and securing it with the clasp, move the slider on the underside of the watch to make sure that it fits snugly but remains comfortable on your wrist.

With the Samsung watch bands now secure, you can confidently enjoy your stylish new look!

Check for Any Loose Connections or Swivel Parts

When you’re ready to start changing your watch bands, the first step is to take a look at any loose connections or swivel parts. Depending on the type of watch band and its design, there may be pins that need to be removed to change the strap.

After finding the right parts, carefully push them out or twist them off with a pin remover tool.

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