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How to Block WhatsApp Video Calls From Unknown Numbers

Unwanted WhatsApp video calls from unknown numbers can be annoying and even a potential security risk. It’s easy to block these numbers so you can keep your account secure and still use WhatsApp without fear. Here’s a quick guide on how to do that!

Open WhatsApp and click Settings

In your WhatsApp menu, select Settings and click Notifications. Then scroll down and tap Video Calls from Unknown Contacts. Choose Block from the options that appear—this will stop unwanted video calls from unknown numbers. You can also check off “Hide Caller ID” to prevent your contact number from being visible when you call.

Select Accounts > Privacy

While you’re still in the Settings menu, select Accounts > Privacy. Here, you can choose who may find and contact you by selecting one of four options: My Contacts, Everyone, Contacts Except… or Nobody. Choosing the last two will ensure that any unknown number is unable to send a video call to your device.

Tap Video Calls and choose “Nobody” from the list of options

Under the Video Calls tab, you can control who’s able to make video calls to your device. To block unknown numbers from connecting with you through WhatsApp, choose “Nobody” from the list of options. Once you have this setup, any request for a video call made by a number that is not on your contact list will be declined.

Enable “My Contacts” for other Privacy settings

Additionally, it’s important to remember that you should always enable the “My Contacts” option for all other Privacy settings. So that all contacts within your address book are enabled to access your information. For example, if you only have “Nobody” selected for the Video Calls setting. But “Everyone” selected for the Profile Photo setting, contacts outside of your address book can still access. And can view your profile photo.

Create a “Blocked Contacts” List for more security

To add another layer of protection for yourself. Try creating a “Blocked Contacts” list in WhatsApp for any numbers that are not already in your address book. This option is available within the Privacy settings of your account. And making sure you have all unknown numbers from video calls blocked can help keep out unwanted guests. You can also choose to block a contact if they are calling or messaging you.

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