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How the Xbox application for Android and iOS works

Xbox application

Download the new Xbox App from Android and iOS devices. The application has many social improvements to share content and enjoy your mobile or tablet games.

Xbox continues to cement Series X and Series S’s arrival with new releases and releases that ensure that its consoles and services’ global connectivity is seamless. However, this time it is the turn of the Xbox application.

This new app is now available to download from Android and iOS mobile devices. Next, we tell you everything this application incorporates to allow you to enjoy the consoles’ social functions in a more straightforward and accessible way.

The improvements in the groups of users of Xbox are its main asset. This application makes communication with your friends more accessible by chatting more simplified way or sharing your clips and game captures through social networks such as Instagram, Snapchat, WhatsApp, and more.

If you have a smartphone or tablet, Android version 6.0 or higher, iOS version 10 or higher, Bluetooth version 4.0+. You can enjoy your games on streaming. Thanks to Xbox Remote Play, you can play via streaming from these devices.

While this system is independent of xCloud, which has not reached iOS yet, with Xbox Remote Play, you can enjoy Xbox One and Xbox Series X / S games. This is how Tom Warren of The Verge explained its operation a while ago.

Microsoft’s new Xbox app does not change the XCloud status, however. Apple has recently expanded the olive branch to allow services such as Stadia and xCloud. Still, it includes a huge catch that could mean that Microsoft will need to deliver hundreds of games as separate applications using its streaming technology. Nevertheless, apple’s new rules have not mocked Microsoft.

Microsoft is currently testing the Xbox application with members of TestFlight. This means it should be available regularly in the App Store soon for everyone to download.

Don’t hesitate to ask if you don’t want to miss the latest on Xbox. Phil Spencer acknowledges that developing games for Xbox Series X and Series Stakes extra effort and work relationship with Nintendo and Microsoft. As a result, they will unlikely arrive—more exclusives from Xbox to Switch.

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