Hidden Object Games – The Best Tips To Unlock All The Treasures

If you’re like me, you love playing hidden object games. They’re fun and challenging, but there are also a lot of strategies involved in searching for objects in the right places. You don’t want to spend all your time looking at everything on screen just because it looks interesting; instead, focus on finding items that will help you solve the puzzle or complete your mission. With these tips from my favorite Hidden object game, I’ll show you how to unlock all those hidden treasures!

Start With The Easy Parts

One of the most common mistakes new players make is to start with items that are too hard to find. This can be frustrating and make them give up, but it’s important not to make things too complicated.

Start with what seems like a prominent item, like a key or puzzle piece. Then move on from there – if you need help finding something, ask for help! You don’t want your game experience to be ruined because you didn’t know about something simple like ‘all objects in this room must be interacted with using only left clicks.’

Look For Contrasts

Contrast is the difference between two things and can help you find hidden objects in your games. For example, if two items are very different in color or shape, they’ll stand out more than similar-looking things would if they were all the same color or shape. If there are lots of similar objects on one screen (like a bunch of flowers), try moving around until you find an object at least slightly different from them—that will give it more prominence when compared with its surroundings and therefore make finding it more accessible!

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Focus on Central items first and work outward

  • Focus on central items first and work outward.
  • Look for the most critical items first, then at the remaining ones in that area.
  • Look for unique or unique items that stand out from other areas of the game.
  • If you find an object not mentioned anywhere else in your guidebook (and we’ve done our job), it’s probably worth looking into!

Use logic to help you search

Use logic to help you search.

  • Look for clues in the background. For example, if a house has a broken window and shards of glass on the floor, it could be evidence that someone broke in through this window.
  • Look for items out of place or missing from their original location (e.g., a box with tools lying on top). These can lead you to where an item should be located and give you an idea about what kind of object it might be (e.g., perhaps this toolbox was transported somewhere before its contents were stolen).
  • Look for items that don’t belong where they currently are either because they’re too big or small compared to those around them, much like how human eyes will adjust automatically when looking at something close up without thinking about it consciously! For example: if someone sees only one object instead complementing others surrounding them, then consider moving elsewhere rather than continuing searching blindly while getting frustrated trying to find one specific thing!

Try a hint if you can’t find it yourself

If you’re stuck on a level, try searching for hints. There are several ways to do this:

  • The easiest way is by looking at your game’s help screen. The options will usually be located at the top-right corner of the screen and include a button labeled “Hints.” Click on that button and choose which hint you’d like to use from those available.
  • Another option is opening up your game’s options menu (usually accessed through an icon in the upper left corner). From there, select “Hints” under “Game Options,” then pick whichever one(s) you’d like! You can also choose whether or not they become available during gameplay; if so, all players will have access without having special codes or passwords (though some games may require different settings).

These tips will help you conquer any hidden object game!

Hidden object games are a great way to pass the time and ensure you’re always occupied. You can play them on your phone or computer, so they’re easy to access!

There are many different types of hidden object games. Some focus on finding specific items, while others will have you searching for more available items (like “find all the stars”). Whatever game you choose, you must pay attention and look around at every possible angle before moving on to another room/area/object. This helps improve memory skills by allowing players to think about what they’ve seen thus far in an area rather than just trying everything out blindly without thinking about what each item might be used for or where it belongs within its category.*


We hope this article has helped you search for hidden object games. If you have questions, leave a comment below!

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